Laser printer Features – Buyer’s Guide

Laser printing is an electrostatic process. It is carried out using a laser printer. While there are other kinds of printers available in the market, laser printers are usually preferred. Laser printers are faster than inkjet printers and cheaper to run. They’re more efficient and come with very less hassle.

Features to consider while buying a laser printer:

Whenever you have to buy something, you need to know what is it that you want the product to do for you. Especially when it comes to buying gadgets or parts of a computer system, it gets all the more important to have some research up your sleeve.

This article will help you find a laser printer best suited to your purpose. Following are some features you must consider:

Multi-function model: 

In this fast day and age, multi-functional models are preferable for everyone. A multi-function printer provides a scanner, printer, and photocopier-all of this in one device only. Companies like Epson UAE are going for an all-in-one approach which is helping it increase its profits multifold.

Laser printer Features

An automatic document feeder:

If a laser printer comes with an automatic document feeder, it lets you photocopy or fax multi-page documents without having to place each sheet in the scanner manually. Hence an automatic document feeder will save your time and effort.

Random-access memory (RAM):

The number of pages you’ll need to print or fax at one point in time must be considered because it will help you decide the RAM you want to go for in a printer. If you’re buying a printer for a photocopier shop, you need bigger RAM than a person who’s buying it for using it at home.

High native optical resolution:

Your requirements and purpose of getting the printer help you reach a specific product. You’ll need a printer with higher resolution for generating good quality results, and you can use such a printer as a source of income.

Ethernet port:

There’s no company working without internet connectivity these days. Multiple devices are interconnected to run things smoothly. If you have to get a printer for the workplace, then there must be an Ethernet port on the device so that computer devices can connect with it for official work.

Select monochrome:

Go for a monochrome printer if you’ve to use it primarily for printing text, and black and white graphics. But if you have to print multi-colored graphics and photographs, then you cannot rely on a monochrome laser printer. If you are looking for reknownd brands, Epson UAE provides both the monochrome and multi-colored printing devices, for having a wide range of clientele.

Dots per inch (DPI) requirement

Whether you require a printer for printing text or photographs, will have to be kept in mind before deciding the DPI level you should buy. If you’re buying a printer for text printing only, 300-600 DPI is sufficient for you, but if you plan to use it for other purposes like photographs printing, then you need a DPI level as high as 2400.


Laser printers are a good choice as compared to inkjet printers. But to choose a laser printer model, keep in mind all your requirements and your purpose of purchasing the device. It will help you a great deal in selecting one product among a hundred.

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