Facebook VS Google Advertising Performance

If you want to advertise your business or brand, you probably have hundreds of options. Among them, Facebook VS Google Advertising are the most common standards for advertising.

Facebook VS Google Advertising Performance

Major Differences in Facebook VS Google Advertising:

Primarily, Facebook VS Google Advertising are different in many aspects. But the most dominant difference is search content. People who use Google for searching have specific content intentions, on the other hand, Facebook cares about the interest of its users. It shows content in which user is interested.

Facebook Advertising surrounds brand or business awareness. Google advertising focuses on pull marketing strategies.

Google Ads:

Google has unlimited audience. So, it is the best way of advertising. Google attracts bulk of traffic so people will get to know about your brand or business. You will have better targeting options while using Google Ads. If you are targeting people who already have interest in your product, you can easily convert them into sales.

Google Advertising can be expensive. Moreover, if you are setting this up, it can be time consuming. The cost of Google Ads according to the industry you are dealing with, could be $9.90 to $22.84 CPC. Google Advertising users cannot use pictures of videos unless they are using Google Shopping or YouTube.

Facebook Ads:

Facebook VS Google Advertising have many differences. These promotions are very easy to track by users. It depends completely on your daily base budgets as well as maximum cost per click CPC. It is more easy too setup as compared to Google Ad words.

Cost per click (CPC) is very cheap. It is approximately $0.61. You can take media help such as pictures and videos to attract your customers. Facebook advertising can be expensive if you are unable to manage it. But, it will be less expensive than Google Ads. Facebook advertising is only beneficial when you are using it for business to consumer B2C marketing.

Facebook VS Google Advertising are helpful and beneficial when they are used properly. All you have to do is to manage your tasks efficiently. Facebook gives access to people of your interest. The major power of Facebook ads are retargeting of their ads. Google is also using this formula, but I guess Facebook gets more benefit through this. Google ads are useful because you are able to find out what is going in searchers mind.


So, in order to summarize Facebook VS Google Advertising, Google advertising is based on the exact searches of people. So, there is more possibility of traffic through Google ads. Google shows content what people are looking for. Likewise, Face advertisements are useful too. If you want a good brand awareness, use Facebook. As, Facebook leads you to the fans and followers of the specific brand of your interest.

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