Federal Judge Annoyed Over Hillary Email Interruptions

This Thursday night a federal judge take down on State Department administrators mentioning he was confused that why it takes so much time for the agency to issue the specific detail about the Hillary Clinton emails related to Freedom of Information Act requests.

Federal Judge Annoyed Over Hillary Email Interruptions

According to U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon who tells off officials in the last week about the worries he has that the federal agency was taking its time creating records to defend the Democratic leader.

These facts presented all pointing towards one place that now any person should be able to evaluate that in one day just one day and that will be very useful.

The honorary judge also said that referencing one appeal for almost 60 emails is not right. His actual wording was “Even the least ambitious bureaucrat could do this!”

This expression of anger and irritation almost shocked the entire court and as the Judge seems to be agitated with all this delays and interruptions. This is clear now that for a long time the case was going nowhere but with this action it appears there will be a solution in the coming days.

According to provide statement to Media:

The State Department also exposed that it is still pending in-service emails from some of Clinton’s previous top aides. Her previous spokesman Phillipe Reines just presented 20 boxes of emails on last Tuesday night.

According to said John Hackett it is not clear that State Department has not any master record keeping system as he heads FOIA demands for the agency. In response to that question the answer was whether the State Department had gathered all of the required government documents; it is not clear right now.

If we discuss the court hearing, it is said that it was part of a current lawsuit filed by the Associated Press over all the data demanded years ago which have been overlooked.

During the hearing Hackett told the judge that the individuals handling FOIA claims are only engaged part-time. The question is whether Congress is aware of all people who do all [State] FOIA claims are part-timers?” And this was fairly asked by the puzzled judge in return.

Hackett supposedly answered that the system works satisfactory but the judge seems to be unsatisfied with it. The State Department estimated to issue more of Clinton’s emails on Friday.

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  • Clinton’s lawyer has a USB drive with at least some of her work related emails, but anything provided through FOIA is in boxes of paper, after months of scheming and heel dragging.

    If that’s not designed to further obstruct any investigation then I’m a pastel pink unicorn.

    • You are so right! Every work related email on that server is a crime! She didn’t look very presidential with her poker face while responding to the reporters. She looked more like a teen telling her parents “I don’t know, why do you care, none of my friends care”.