7 Top Gift Ideas that Every Fitness Nerd will Love

Fitness gift ideas – If you have a few fitness nerds in your crew, you probably have a rough idea of what kind of gift you want to give them. The most obvious and helpful choice would be something exercise-related, right? It’s a great choice too, as you can never have too much workout gear, especially if you work out from home.

fitness gifts
Fitness gifts ideas

Gift for fitness lover – If a birthday is fast-approaching or you’re planning something special for Christmas, you might want to get started working on that fitness gift idea. Here are a few examples to give some inspiration.

Pull-up bar

When your gift recipient is a big fan of back workouts, it might be time to get them a pull-up bar. It’s common knowledge that pull-ups do wonders for your back and core, so why not help them out and make them easier to do? 

If you’ve ever been to a fitness enthusiast’s place, you might have noted a pull-up bar installed in at least one area. This is normally done in a random doorway. It’s a convenient spot as it doesn’t get in the way of moving from room to room, and it doesn’t require the bar to be particularly long. This makes it more stable. Plus, you can do a random pull-up any time you pass through this doorway, which is a nice way to keep your pump up throughout the day.

While doing a pull-up or two doesn’t seem like much, it really does add up over time! Your gift recipient will be grateful for the back-muscle development and strength.

Jump rope

If you’ve ever seen any training montage, there’s one activity that the trainee never misses out on – jump rope. This jumping exercise done in quick succession is great cardio, and is already known for being good for your legs. Those tricky calf muscles aren’t going to build themselves. 

A jump rope is a great gift for a variety of reasons. First of all, it’s usually pretty cheap, so it’s not going to cause any budget problems. It’s also a very compact piece of workout gear. You can basically put a jump rope in your pocket if you wrap it upright. This makes it especially good as a traveling aide for workouts. You can bring it in a suitcase and workout just about anywhere, regardless of whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Make vacation workouts easier and get them this very convenient gift.

Monkey bars

probably seen some monkey bars in the midst of it. Despite looking kind of goofy and simple in design, this playground installation is great for working out various different muscle groups. You can utilize the hanging handlebars to do lots of calisthenic exercises of varying difficulties.

Now, it’s not exactly easy to fit an entire row of monkey bars in any home. While they may be convenient for a backyard, they won’t exactly look the part unless your gift recipient already has a playground for their kids ready. However, there’s an indoor version of monkey bars that is a bit more compact and easier to manage. 

Get them some free-hanging monkey bars that they can attach to their ceiling. This can be a very inconspicuous installation that doesn’t take up any room or surface while allowing for a variety of exercises. They don’t even have to detach them when they don’t want something hanging from the ceiling to bump into. Adding a hook next to where they’re attached will allow them to simply hang the handlebars up when they don’t need them. It’s a cheap and compact alternative that gives just as many opportunities for a good workout as the outdoor version. 

Resistance bands

There’s no workout gear that’s more versatile than resistance bands. If you wanted a tool that provided you with the potential for endless dynamic exercises, resistance bands would be the first choice. 

They’re great for any type of workout that your gift recipient might need. Everything from muscle building to weight loss can be achieved with the help of some precise exercises with these bands. It’s as simple as checking the internet for which muscle group you want to work and attaching the bands accordingly. 

They’re cheap, they’re long-lasting, and most importantly, you can choose from a ton of different colors. This makes them one of the more ideal gift choices for a workout buddy or loved one. You can make it personalized by getting bands that have a mark or logo on them. If you really want to go all out, try to have some custom writing on the bands. Make it something funny or something motivational, depending on your gift recipient’s personality.

Some people won’t want to check out exercises on their own, and the bands will be a bit difficult to learn with. You might as well get them an exercise guide for bands to go along with the original gift. It’s going to be a lot easier to read the basic exercises when you introduce a thoughtful addition like this. 

A massage gift card

It’s a fact of fitness that you need to work really hard to achieve good results. This is something that a lot of fitness enthusiasts are well aware of, so they put in their all to get to where they want to be. In many cases, they go a little too far and don’t allow their bodies to relax as much as they should. Rest and relaxation are an essential part of proper fitness, even though a lot of enthusiasts might not see it that way.

Why not provide your gift recipient with a little high-quality relaxation? What better way to relax their muscles than with a good massage? It’s nice to have a good massage every once in a while, whether you’re into fitness or not, but it’s especially good when you do work out regularly. Muscles tend to tense up and a massage gets rid of this tension and allows blood to circulate freely. 

Get them a gift card for a good massage and they’ll be very thankful for it. Their workouts will feel even better for days afterward and they’ll be as relaxed as can be. 

A protein shaker

Exercising can really work up an appetite. Your body starts craving protein and carbohydrates after a workout because it wants to regain these macronutrients. This is why most fitness enthusiasts will drink lots of protein before and after their workout. It helps replenish energy and give muscles the protein they need to continuously grow. 

Surprisingly, not a lot of people bring their protein along with them when they head to the gym. It could be due to the inconvenience of mixing protein somewhere outside their home or simply because it’s easier to do at home. It could just be that they don’t have a good leak-proof protein shaker at the moment. You could always make it easier on them and get them one. This way, they’ll be able to bring protein with them wherever they work out.

A good athlete app

Even when you’re a dedicated fitness enthusiast, there will always be something new to learn. Fitness is more of a science than anything else, and you can learn a thing or two every day and still have room for improvement after many years of training. 

You can get your gift recipient a fitness training app that covers everything from the basics to advanced workout techniques. While most free apps aren’t really worth their weight in bytes, many premium versions include features like instructional videos and detailed descriptions of workouts which can help people get familiar with them. It would be a great gift for someone even if they’re already a pro. 

Alternatively, someone might be a bit too busy to work out every single day. Three days at the gym a week are enough, but are they enough for this individual? If not, there are just as many applications that help people work out on a tight schedule. Some workouts are effective at stimulating muscles, even if they don’t last longer than ten minutes. It might not be a bodybuilding level of work, but it’s still something that can get the blood pumping and provide health benefits. Get them an app that would cover their wants and needs and they’ll be able to work out as whenever they have the time to spare. 

Combining the two could get someone to start their journey into fitness expertise, so consider that option as well. It wouldn’t hurt to try, but they might be sore afterwards.


Fitness gifts for her – There are tons of gifts out there that would suit any fitness nerd well. As long as you know your gift recipient, you should be able to pick out the perfect gift for their exercising needs. Whenever you’re short on ideas, consider the above examples as a reference. They’re a good starting point for some creative fitness gifts ideas.

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