How To Host An Online Event That Your Live Attendees Will Love?

Online event management – No one in the event industry can guarantee a perfect event with any amount of planning or predict cancellations or setbacks – as we are currently dealing with – a global pandemic. A virtual/online event option is an excellent alternative in case of an unexpected delay. Always have a contingency plan to help you decide your next move. 

Online Event
Online event management

In any event, adaptability is the most beneficial factor, especially in the presence of a variety of digital options, you can easily pivot in any given circumstance. A virtual event is a great approach to ensure maximum engagement in a brief period. Success of some of the most popular virtual events owes to the amount of hard-work and dedication that goes into planning.  

The article gives you some important insight to help you run an online event to launch and grow your business at times like these when holding a physical event is impossible.   

What is an Online Event? 

A webinar or a virtual event is an interactive event that takes place not in a physical dimension but is held online through several channels and platforms. These events are very engaging. There are different types of online events, depending on your goal. Some of the examples of a virtual event are; a trade show, product launches, job fairs, training classes, and even marketing summits.

Some of the direct benefits of hosting an online event are: 

  • Open up your event to more attendees without a territorial barrier. 
  • Save costs on travel, venues, and vendors. 
  • Use social media platforms to keep the conversation going, even after the event.  

Here are a few things to keep in mind when hosting a virtual event. 

Determine if your event is suited for an online audience 

What usually works offline in a physical setting might not be best in the virtual sense. But that does not mean that you can cut the quality of your online workshop or a class. What matters is to provide an excellent experience to the audiences in any format. When you have decided to hold the event, as yourself this question: “will an online event suite my target audiences?” 

A concert or a live stream performance would be perfect for the online experience because it broadens the scope of your event beyond physical territories and makes the attendees feel like they are part of the live stream. In contrast, a pastry workshop that requires the attendees to use utensils and physical materials that they don’t own is not the best idea to use for an online event.  

Events that are typically forums for discussion and speeches could add value in an online format. You can increase participation by encouraging attendees to engage in comments and chat sessions. This way, you can provide space for people to interact and share their ideas and thoughts, just like in a physical environment.  

Don’t cut cost on production equipment 

Holding an online event does not mean you can reduce the cost of production equipment. As your attendees are not present physically so they will expect seamless audio and visual experience from the event. To keep your audiences engaged here are some things to keep in mind:  

  • Use good quality cameras for providing a sharp, HD quality live stream to your viewers as they expect a rich and immersive experience from the online event.  
  • Before the event, makes sure your internet connection is stable; otherwise, you will have interruptions in online broadcasting and also on the quality of the video.  
  • Test your audio and video before your event goes live so that you can fix any issues.  

Choose the right technology for the online event  

Making an online event successful means that you have to decide on the platform that you will broadcast your live event from. There are many video streaming platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube, that can be used to display your venue set up or performers.  

Make sure to use multiple social media platforms to broadcast your event with special chat features to make sure the attendees are interacting. You will also need a ticketing and registration platform for a seamless registration experience. There are several event and exhibition companies in Dubai that can guide you with the best services platform for promoting your online event.  

Develop communication skills  

One of the most prominent features of a successful virtual event is to be great at communicating with your partners, speakers, and attendees. It is your job to create an environment where they can easily communicate and initiate conversation.  

You may great at Emceeing, but engaging with a live audience is different than hosting a physical event. In an online event, you will be talking to a camera, not people in a physical environment. You have to make it look as natural as possible. Look in the camera, so people watching you from their screens get a feeling of eye contact.  

To get audiences’ attention, make sure to gauge their reactions, looking into and away from the camera to create a feeling as if you are talking to them.  

Manage the logistics of a virtual event 

Logistic components of a virtual event are very different from a physical event. There is an online event set-up where you have to customize tickets and make sure to provide a seamless experience. For a successful event, you have to make sure you are clear about your goals and agendas. Following are some of the logistic planning of an online event: 

  • Check the availability of Adobe Connect for hosting your event.  
  • Define purpose, i.e., decide whether you are holding a webinar or a simple gathering event for people to gather information and discussion.  
  • Do you want multiple sessions or just a one-time event? 
  • Do you need an audio profile so your audiences can speak up with questions, or do they communicate through chats, polls, or Q&A pods? 

Bonus Tip: Start planning your online event today

If you are ready to start planning your event, then make sure to increase your adaptability. If it is your first time, make sure to consider hiring services of event and exhibition companies in Dubai such as Maven Labs for hosting your virtual conference, trade show, e-learning webinar, and much more, especially in this critical time of a global pandemic.  

Creating an excellent and flawless event is not an easy task. But these few tips can help in offering your audiences an everlasting experience worth paying for.  

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