5 Crucial ideas for your freelancing platform

Well, many of us may be required to outsource the people for digital services. You can’t be an expert in every field, some help may be needed. There are plenty of platforms that work as an intermediary between job givers and job seekers and provide every feature to get the task done. Therefore, it’s a golden time for the independent professional to start working as a freelancer online.

ideas for your freelancing platform

Freelancing work has increased remarkably from the last few years and many people are involved in it. Due to the flexibility of time and place, in the future also people would join this platform for sure. Freelancing work is beneficial for both employers and workers. One can find the required job and employer can get the task done immediately from online. For workers, they must have enough skills and experience to complete the work on time and on the other side, employers need to specify requirements thoroughly. 

By looking at the popularity of this type of platform, many people have developed similar platforms from readymade freelancer script. This type of clone script helps you to build a website similar to the existing one with some additional features and functionality if required. Clone of the website is not new nowadays many people have built a freelance marketplace software, which is similar to the freelance website. It’s the most preferred and time-saving way to create a website similar to the existing one. However, every platform can’t be perfect, you need to consider many points. So, let’s delve into the points that assist you to create a better freelancing platform.

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#1. Track Work Progress

It’s highly essential to keep tracking the work which you have completed. Particularly, while working online independently you must have a tracker that keeps notifying you about the progress.

Without proper time management, you won’t be able to complete the task in time. Tracker may help you to find out the productive and unproductive time that you have spent. Unproductive time is not worth it for you and company. It’s true that freelancers would get paid based on the hours they spent, so in this case tracker would be helpful. 

Any freelancer clone script you may choose to create a website, it will definitely have a feature of progress bar or tracker. Thus, by considering this point, don’t ignore the significance of the tracker in your website.

#2. Communication Between Employer & Worker

Another crucial point to consider when you’re going to start a freelancing platform. Without effective communication, you won’t get the expected result. 

In order to fulfill this requirement, a strong chat system is mandatory which can be found in any freelancer clone script. It’s required when someone gives you a project to work on. There must be a better chat system that helps to make a conversation between employer and worker about the project. If you have not made a successful communication with the freelancer about the details of the project then this communication gap diverts your project to somewhere else.

Inbuilt chat system must be fully secured so that third person can’t get access to it. It should be a live chat between two people or a group so that every member involved in the project can get the messages. Hence, a platform must have a secured and fully functioned chat system for communication between people.

#3. Reviews and Ratings

It’s really important to get the best reviews from the people whose project you have completed or work on. Based on their experience they will write the reviews and rate you which will reflect in your profile. The better review lets you find better work and good money because while working on the freelancing platform, reviews and ratings are the only things which can give you more opportunity. 

After completing the project you can ask your employer to give the review and genuine feedback uplift your profile to find the better work. Thus, never underestimate the significance of the feedback once you start working online. 

#4. Secured Payment System

It’s essential to have a secure and proper payment system. After completing the project, the next step is payment and that must be completed from the same platform. 

Whether you see the actual website or a freelancer clone, every platform follows this point in their website. People are more concerned about the money, and if you’re unable to provide them proper security then nobody would use it further. All the financial information entered by the user must be encrypted so that hackers can’t access it and the whole transaction process must be secured. 

Furthermore, visitors must get a variety of modes to make a payment such as:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Debit Card
  • Net Banking

Therefore, this type of service can be availed from the Freelancer Script and that will surely encourage people to visit your platform.

#5. Detailed Profile Description

While working online, you have one chance to impress the employer that is by writing a detailed and perfect profile description. However, in this case a field given by the website is also important in the profile section. 

You should not miss out any single field in the profile page. Actually based on the profile you will get projects and money. An employer will thoroughly study your profile before giving you any work. Because they don’t want to waste their money and time by giving work to the wrong person. Depending on which freelancer script you use, you get the inbuilt list of fields to add in the profile section. What else you can add in the profile section:

  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Certificate
  • Completed projects
  • Employment history


In this modern era, it’s better to start working online rather than the office work. It has many opportunities and a bright future. Even now everyone has all the required resources as well that will help to easily work in a freelancing platform. With the help of the freelancer script you can build a freelancer clone, similar website to the freelancer. Above-mentioned points are really important so consider it while developing a freelancing platform, these are the basic demands.

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