GoodMD – A Social Platform for Doctors Launched by Lybrate

As medical practitioners continue to breach the frontiers and provide medical services to patients globally, initiatives like Lybrate for doctors further streamline their efforts. Lybrate is India’s first mobile platform for healthcare consultation and brings doctors and patients from around the world at one place.

The platform was launched back in 2013. It allows patients to seek consultation from specialists and book appointments. On the other hand, doctor Lybrate also comes with immense opportunity for the growth of medical practitioners due to easy accessibility of patients at one place. Further, the scope for management of clinical data and information about patients allows doctors to serve with efficiency and accuracy.

Lybrate for doctors

Lybrate recently launched GoodMD, a social networking platform exclusively dedicated to doctors. Healthcare practitioners can thus have a voice and share their opinions on this platform. It also allows them to have an open-forum discussion on prevalent regulatory and administrative issues. After the introduction of GoodMD, medical practice with Lybrate now aims to offer more streamlined services.

GoodMD – A professional-cum-personal networking platform

GoodMD is a networking platform that allows doctors to share their personal and professional viewpoint, as well as create networks that can help boost their practice. The first of its kind platform for doctors, it also allows you to grow your medical practice with Lybrate.

You can, therefore, make the most of the internet and technology to benefit from the advancing healthcare sector. A different league from the traditional practices, it helps –

  1. Reach out to patients without the limit of boundaries

Although GoodMD is a platform where only healthcare practitioners can participate, a growing partnership of doctors through this platform can pave the way for exchange of international patients.

Not only will this initiative from Lybrate for doctors allow you to reach out to newer patients without concern of national boundaries but also enable patients to connect with specialists as per their ailments.

Once on track, doctors can expand their practice by opening newer healthcare centres or purchasing advanced devices and technology for improved diagnosis and treatment. Meeting such big-ticket expenses can strain their finances. To avoid this scenario, they can opt for external funding available as professional loans. Several financial institutions bring loan for doctors of high-value along with other attractive features. Bajaj Finserv is one such lender that also offers an exclusive suite of Loans for Doctors to help them meet both professional and personal funding requirements.

2. Building reputation and trust

With the extensive exposure that GoodMD from Lybrate for doctors brings, healthcare professionals also have an opportunity to build their reputation among peers. With an opportunity to showcase their research findings or personal viewpoints, doctors can look forward to better decision-making with insight from their peers.

Such reasons also make Lybrate one of the top networking platforms that doctors must be present on.

3. Provide effective care to patients

GoodMD being a networking platform for doctors from across the globe allows an exchange of knowledge and technology for advanced treatment. A change in approach to traditional diagnosis and treatment can thus help identify emerging illnesses accurately and in a short time while aiding in the more effective treatment of the existing ones. It is also among the reasons to upgrade your medical equipment today.

The platform, with its pool of medical experts, provides ample opportunity for improved patient care. For the Indian healthcare sector, this initiative from Lybrate for doctors can thus prove to be a game-changer.

A well-established professional network, along with improved reputation and growing trust, will bring in newer patients to doctors. Also, it will help them effectively implement the integration of a clinical network among other effective clinic management techniques. As a result, doctors can expect to earn higher revenue while efficiently providing their services.

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