Google is Building an Amazon Echo Clone

Google is trying to build a new device which will be a competitor of Amazon Echo. Google is building an Amazon Echo clone with the association of Nest. Now, let’s take a look at this entertaining side of this report. Google being dejected by the feat of Amazon echo, is now trying to prolong its services to your home.

Google is building an Amazon Echo clone

This is the only news which is leaked this time publicly. Minor details are still private in this project. The new device of Google will be able to respond voice commands and directions. Google is building an Amazon Echo clone, it will be similar in function with Amazon Echo. This news about Google has been disclosed by The Information recently.

The upcoming device of Google will be able to accomplish many tasks at a time. This device will be able to connect through Wi-Fi. In 2014, Google bought Nest with the courage of extracting some super charge performance from Nest.

Few Specifications of Google’s Upcoming Device:

Now, we can expect that Google is going to make our work more relaxed and hassle free. Google will offer primary offers to its consumers through this device. Through this device, you will be able to specify the person you want to send email. You do not have to put additional effort. All you have to do is to speak to the Google’s new device and watch your work done. In addition to that, you would be able to transcribe your favourite stuff directly. This would be helpful in getting updates and current situation according to the tasks.

People will be able to check weather updates through upcoming Google device. Music player, emails, daily news and many other things would not be a difficult task to handle when you are in hurry.

Google and Amazon Devices Similar Features:

As it is mentioned before that Google is building an Amazon Echo clone. So, let’s take a glimpse at Amazon Echo. Amazon echo is a speaker which is in cylindrical shape. You can do a lot of things through this mind-blowing device. You can enjoy music by giving instructions to your Amazon Echo. Moreover, it allows you to set timers just through voice commands. You can do many other activities through Amazon echo.


Personally, I am ready to try a new product from Google. Google has worked terrifically in the field of technology. Google is trying to take the lead and beat Amazon echo from its upcoming new device. The company’s product line is going to expand due to this product. It will offer mind-blowing features to the users.

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