Baywatch Babe: Pamela Anderson Spotted in a Tight Red Dress

Pamela Anderson red one-piece swimsuit picture is considered an icon in the US

Baywatch Babe: Pamela Anderson Spotted in a Tight Red Dress
The former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson was catapulted to fame when she was seen in a red bathing suit in the immensely popular TV series. The bathing suit became an icon, and Pamela Anderson became a household name.

On Thursday, this extremely popular star from recent past was seen again donning an eye catching tight red dress while she was waiting for a flight on the Los Angeles International Airport. The famous blonde curls of the 48 year old actress were made in a messy bouffant.

Pamela Anderson was carrying a mini Hermes Birkin bag. Over one arm she had a bark overcoat. This could have been a precaution against any kind of chill that must have been expected in-flight. The look was completed with the help of classic black flats. The actress also sported cat’s eye sunglasses.

The mother-of-two recently slipped back again into the iconic red one piece when she was posing for an advertisement in the United Kingdom for a retail clothing store.

Pamela Anderson is also an ardent animal rights activist. She recently adorned the headlines of most newspapers when she wrote an open letter to the governor of New York requesting him to provide vegetarian food to all inmates in the prisons. The letter was written in behalf of PETA.

Pamela also stated that the prison system within the New York state will be able to save around 2 million dollars each year if it decided to go vegan. What is more, the famous actress also offered to visit the prisons and help in cooking meals in order to prove what she was saying.

Pamela Anderson had also told her fans that she had been successfully cured of Hepatitis C. She had suffered from this illness for more than 15 years.

The former Baywatch actress revealed that Tommy Lee, her ex-husband had used a particular drug and had been cured of the same disease. He had urged Pamela to use the same anti-viral drug which cured her too. Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson have two children together – 19 year old Dylan and 18 year old Brandon. They are both models.

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