Top ISIS leader Haji Imam Killed in US raid in Syria

The top ISIS leader Haji Imam was also known as Mustafa al Qaduli was believed to be the second-in-command within the terrorist group

Top ISIS leader Haji Imam Killed in US raid in Syria

The news was shared by the Defense Secretary Ash Carter. ISIS leader Haji Imam was also known as Abdul Rahman Mustafa al Qaduli served as the finance minister of the extremist group. He was widely known as a terrorist and was vehemently sought by Americans.

Adult was also believed to be the second-in command within the Islamic State hierarchy.  The US defense secretary further confirmed the death of Omar al Shishani, the defense minister of the Islamic State. He was believed to have been wounded in a US airstrike during the month.

The death of Omar al Shishani was hastily announced by the Americans, but it later turned out that the airstrikes had only succeeded in wounding the fierce fighter who was also known by the name of Omar the Chechen.

During a press conference held by the Pentagon on Friday, Mr. Carter announced that American forces were in the process of systematically liquidating the entire Islamic State hierarchy.

The defense secretary acknowledged that leaders are not indispensable within any thriving organization, however, he emphasized the fact that these leaders were the founding members of the group and had been wounded for quite a long time. It will be difficult for the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) to find their replacements within a short span of time since they were senior and very experienced.

Mr. Carter did not state whether ISIS leader Qaduli was killed in an airstrike or by a Special Forces operation carried out by ground forces. In fact, he did not tell whether the killed had been carried out in Syria or Iraq, however, it was revealed by different officials that Qaduli was neutralized in a Special Forces raid in Syria.

The Joint Chief of Staff, General Joseph Dunford also joined Ash Carter during the press conference. It is believed by the American administration that the absence of al Qaduli would put a serious dent in the operational activities of the terror group.

General Dunford, however, made clear that, though the Islamic State was still on the defense, it was far from being defeated.

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