How to Do Guest Posting in Right Way – Mistakes to Avoid

‘Blogging’ the new way of writing and publishing articles  online is making life better for everyone on the internet by providing information about anything and everything there is today.

Guest Posting

Not everyone realises that but the internet is so resourceful and credible today because creators, bloggers, engineers make it so. The Internet needs people as much as they need people need it at present. 

The Right Way to Do How to Do Guest Posting

Everything in this competitive world is about marketing, you don’t need  great content or skills with good marketing you can get noticed and influence people to like you.

Blogging is not just about writing articles but also having a steady following and making money out of it. The colousmists of modern journalism are making a career through blogging and advertising. Finding investors, an agency and making an online persona that pleases people is the new thing in the virtual world today.

Guest Blogging

The best way of finding a new audience through blogging is guest posting. There are a list of websites for guest posting. This innovative method of collaborating allows you to write and publish articles for others and direct their audience to your website.

To guest post for someone else’s website you need to find that missing element in their blog and add value by filling that gap they didn’t know existed. Guest posting is effective and very resourceful but what is the right way to do it? Let us help you with the mistakes you should try to avoid while guest posting.

Find Your Kind:

As guest blogging is trending, everyone is doing it. It’s important for you to collaborate with the right kind of people. Sharing thoughts, opening yourself to the world is what makes blogging more personal and gives the audience that feeling that they know you better.

People will follow bloggers when they write about things that they want to read about. So if you find bloggers that write about the same genre you want to have on a long term you will benefit you in some many ways that you think. Basically, be a part of online communities who believe in what you believe, collaborate and conquer.

If you don’t guest post to the right audience there is no point in doing it because they’ll probably read one or two of your articles and not be interested.


networking is the key to being the next ‘thing’ in the virtual world. Find the right keywords, write articles around the topics that are most searched. Be an active member of the genre you want to write.

There are a lot  of Online groups that advocate issues and take them offline and make things real attend their events and publicise yourself to them. Make your presence felt and get all that community to be a part of you. When you want to be a part of such groups, always be positive and approachable to anyone.

Originality : be the real person talking through words don’t just copy paste or paraphrase what is what is out there. Adding your value to someone’s blog through guest posting will mean most of them when you are real and talk facts and truth! Be confident and maintain good relationships with the blogger because they’ll grow will determine your growth too!  

There is no right or wrong when you are pursuing the art of writing and influencing lives, the right way to perform would be do it regularly, having the flow. Make mistakes and learn from them, nothing is perfect in the world. Start working like you always  wanted to do and keep progressing your way into changing your career.  

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