Hailey Baldwin New Pal is a Corgi Dog

The blonde model bought it from Citipups and instantly shared its snap on Instagram.
Now, she has a new buddy is a corgi dog, and it is none other than the man’s best friend.

Hailey Baldwin New Pal is a Corgi Dog

Hailey Baldwin and her father Stephen have bought a female corgi dog in NYC at the Citipups Chelsea. The 19 year old Hailey was so excited she displayed the corgi dog through a post on her Instagram account on Sunday.

The caption accompanying the post read:

‘My baby girl.’

In the picture a man obviously her father Stephen Baldwin was holding the corgi puppy in his hands. The new dog was seemingly enjoying his time with the family. Its tongue stuck out in apparent excitement.

As per a news website, the corgi puppy is a female of two months. Hailey wanted it as soon as she laid eyes on it during a visit to Citipups with her best friend Kendall Jenner on Tuesday.

Hailey wanted the new dog to be cleared before she bought it. While she and Kendall were in the Citipups, they were surrounded by fans. It was then that Ms. Jenner rescued a little boy who had been caught within the mob.

Only last June, the blonde stunner had purchases another puppy at Citipups for two thousand and five hundred dollars. However, she hadn’t bought the pup for herself. She gifted it to her parents on the 25th anniversary of their wedding.

She also wrote a note to her parents in which she wished them well on their 25th anniversary and hoped that the poodle with add extra excitement to their lives.

With the corgi puppy, Hailey’s squad has grown a little. It is also obvious that the poodle will also be found peeing just about anywhere like her boyfriend Bieber.

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are reportedly dating each other, however, they are not in a serious relationship. In a recent interview to a tabloid, Hailey declared that she would not like to comment on her relationship with Bieber since it is in an early stage.

She also said that relationships at this stage are already very complicated and she wouldn’t want to add to its complicity by discussing it in the media.

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