Sydney Siege Gunman Manipulated Hostages Into Not Escaping

Sydney Siege: Lindt Cafe hostages were sure that gunman Monis would kill the manager if anyone escaped

Sydney Siege Gunman Manipulated Hostages Into Not Escaping

A worker at the Lindt Cafe, Joel Herat has said during the Sydney siege inquest that the idea about stabbing gunman Man Haron Monis, did cross to his mind.

The 22 year old Herat thought that it was possible to stab Monis and end the siege. He had already hidden a knife and a scissor for the same purpose. He later revealed that he thought that the authorities had left abandoned them and they needed to so something by selves in order to get out of the situation. However, he also feared that such an action could become catastrophic.

The inquest has been carried out in order to establish the reason for deaths during the Sydney siege which began when gunman Haron Monis walked into the Lindt Cafe in December and took more than a dozen people hostage.

The Manager of the cafe, Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson lost their lives during the ordeal. Gunman Haron Monis also died.
At one point, Monis seemed to be contemplating letting some of the hostages go including a pregnant woman Julie Taylor. Mr. Herat recalled that at that time Haron Monis seemed like a reasonable person.

However, there was no knowing whether Monis will actually let some of the hostages go. Mr. Herat also had a feeling that Monis was an unpredictable person due to his continuous mood swings. Moreover, he was constantly repeating himself. Meanwhile, Monis had also allowed some of the hostages to call their loved ones.

The inquest has also established the circumstances surrounding the dramatic escape of many hostages as the Sydney siege neared its end. The hostages attempted escape when Monis was inside the kitchen area pointing his gun at two other hostages.

One of the hostages declared in a low voice that he was going to get help and rushed towards the door. Within seconds, the rest of the hostages also got up and made their way towards the exit.

Mr. Herat shot a glance towards Monis whether he was watching, and then shifted his focus towards the door. Then, there were many gunshots. Herat also felt bullet whizzing past his ears. Monis was threatening to start killing hostages if anyone tried to get out of the cafe. At times, Monis also tried to make people believe that he was a good man perhaps in an attempt to manipulate the hostages.

Other hostages told that Monis had told them that if anyone escaped, he will hold manager Tori Johnson responsible. Some of the hostages believed him and began feeling guilty about what would happen to the ones left behind. This held them back.

Eventually, however, they made their move and rushed out. Monis did shoot Tori Johnson after which the police barged into the café ending the siege.

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