Pros and Cons of New Apple TV Fourth-Generation 2015

For years, Apple leads the world of technology with its amazing products. Now, Apple TV is striking the market with its new update. Pros and Cons of new Apple TV fourth-generation 2015 are deliberated below:

Pros and Cons of New Apple TV Fourth-Generation 2015

Now, Apple TV is going to get its second main update. Its latest version will be TV OS 9.2 will provide unbelievable features to its users. Pros and Cons of new Apple TV fourth-generation 2015 includes everything related to Apple TV. Now, people give equal attention to iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

Pros of New Apple TV Fourth-Generation 2015:

Speaking of some good news, BBC has launched iPlayer application on the new TV of Apple. New Apple TV supports more than 1000 applications which you can get through the Apple store. In addition to these applications, iTunes takes the major portion. Moreover, the new Apple TV comes in two versions. One with 32 GB storage and the other one with 64 GB storage. It has 2 GB RAM in it.

The Siri Remote:

The Siri remote of Apple TV can do more than your expectations. It fits greatly in hands. You can use it for voice search and volume adjustments. The best part of Apple remote is, its wireless. You do not have to point it towards the Apple TV. It has a glass touch surface, so touch screen is not confined to smartphones anymore.

Pros and Cons of New Apple TV Fourth-Generation 2015 Siri Remote

Like Apple watch, Apple TV will run its own operating System known as TV OS. It is fully compatible with all other products of Apple like iPad, iPhone and Mac book.

Cons of New Apple TV Fourth-Generation 2015:

Apple TV is more expensive than other identical televisions like Roku and Amazon fire TV. These devices have identical primary functions. But, Apple charges a lot for its products. Moreover, the application store can be more systematized, which we can expect in later versions. The applications are narrow as per genre. New Apple TV fourth-generation 2015 keyboard is a little clumsy. The company should minimize its gawkiness. By improving these glitches, Apple can attract more people to buy its products.


Although Apple has made many advancements which we have seen in pros and cons of new Apple TV fourth-generation 2015. But, there is still some space for improvements. The old screen came with a plenty of new features. Apple should improve the keyboard. The Siri remote by Apple TV is explicit. Now you can play unlimited games without buying a new controller for your games. Its compatibility with other Apple products makes it more popular among users. For now, Apple TV is more than enough because of its offerings.

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