Apple Watch Review 2016

If you are interested in Apple watch 2, you can get all information about its specs and features in this Apple watch review 2016.

Release Date:

Here is the worthy news. In Apple watch review 2016, we can tell you about the buzzes of Apple watch 2 release. The company is planning to unveil it in March 2016. Most likely the date would be 21 March, 2016. So, wait for the next small iPhone, the Apple watch 2.

Design of Apple Watch 2:

Apple watch 2 is very light in weight. The glass which is used in the manufacturing of Apple sports watch is perfect for sports people. The stainless steel in Apple watch along with the diamond layer of carbon gives it an extremely elegant look. Apple gold watch contains 18 Karat gold in it. Apple always ensures the durability of their products. In Apple watch review 2016 we are assuring you 72 hours battery life.

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Apple Watch Applications:

Apple watch 2 has brilliant built-in applications. It allows you to check your email simply by connecting through Wi-Fi. You can make calls or text through your watch. Enjoy exploring world with maps in Apple watch. Further, music, weather, photos and stocks are also available in apple watch. Now connect through eBay, CNN, Instagram and other apps through Apple app store.

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Features of Apple Watch 2:

It is said that Apple is going to offer video calling in Apple watch 2. So, now you will be able to make video calls to your friends and family. Now, if someone lost their Apple watch, it could be found with the help of a new wireless technology present in Apple watch. The following chipset will be responsible for completing many other tasks that are supposed to be done when they are paired with iPhone or iPad.

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Health and Fitness:

Now, you can check your walking speed, number of steps and many other things through Apple watch 2. It will show you the amount of calories burnt. Apple watch review 2016 reveals that apple watch will make chart of your progress. It is a great motivation for people who wants to keep themselves smart and healthy.

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Like Apple watch 2015, we are sure that Apple will make 2016 watch more successful than ever. By Apple watch review 2016, you can see all the unbelievable and surprising features of Apple watch 2016. It is the most stylish and trendy watch to wear. Apple watch 2 has new and best camera and other wireless capabilities. Moreover, the health technologies used in Apple watch 2 are more advanced and give accurate results.

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  • The Apple watch is just too expensive for my taste, either way I don’t see myself ever in the future using one.