Google Nexus VS iPhone 6 Comparison

Google nexus VS iPhone 6 are the most awaited models for Apple and android users. Apple has launched its iPhone 6 and nexus is also new in the market. So let’s have a talk about these two models:

Specifications of Google Nexus VS iPhone 6:

Apple has launched its most delicate and tremendous model iPhone 6. In contrast to apple, android also launched its strongest specified model nexus. There are a lot of specifications mutual in these two models. In Google nexus VS iPhone 6 screen comparison, Google nexus has a screen of 5.7” screen so it is slightly bigger than iPhone which has 5.5 inches display screen. iPhone weight 143 grams with a resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels. Apple gives Google nexus a tough competition with its A9 chipset. iPhone 6 has 2GB RAM and a CPU dual core 1.84 GHz.

Google Nexus VS iPhone 6 Comparison

When it comes to camera quality, you’ll be surprised to know that goggle nexus has an impressive 12.3 main camera whereas iPhone 6 has 12 mega pixels. Google nexus VS iPhone 6 both have front camera of 5 MP. Both phones have aluminium body except that Google nexus has its rear camera made up of glass.

Google Nexus VS iPhone 6 Comparison speaker

Google nexus has this explicit feature of twin forward-facing speakers in order to facilitate you when you are watching TV or movies. Nexus 5 also stabbed the market with its features and functions. Identity sensor of iPhone 6 is best as in previous phones. Different android phones also adopt identity sensor but iPhone got the best.

For those who are already an iPhone lover, iOS 8 is a flair. If you purchase iPhone 6, you can transfer your stuff and games to iOS 8 and you don’t need to start things from scratch. If we compare the colors of Google nexus vs. iPhone 6, both have eye-catching colors. Nexus is available in aluminium, graphite and frost while iPhone 6 is presented in rose gold, grey, silver and gold.

Google Nexus VS iPhone 6 Comparison Chart

The price of Google nexus VS iPhone 6 is the main difference. iPhone is quite expensive as compared to Google nexus. You can get almost same specifications as iPhone in Google nexus. But the fact that apple is a smart choice and looks stylish to eyes. Apple always deliver new ideas in the field of technology. It always brings innovative designs when it comes to hardware and software. Apple applications have the best results.


In the light of above facts and figures, one can easily find the right choice. Both have extra ordinary qualities. If someone is looking for large screen then go for nexus otherwise Google VS iPhone 6 both have splendid looks. If we look at the speed iPhone 6 is privileged, it never slows down even with 1 GB RAM.

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