Daesh Attack Near Mosul Repelled by Kurds

The Peshmerga militia was able to repel a massive Daesh attack on it’s headquarter with help of coalition airstrikes.

Daesh Attack Near Mosul Repelled by Kurds

As the Iraqi army makes preparations for engaging the extremist group in the second largest city of Iraq, Mosul, the Kurdish militia has come under a massive Daesh attack.

The Daesh attack was mounted near the city of Mosul in the Nineveh province located in the north eastern part of Iraq. The target of the Daesh attack was the headquarter of the Kurdish Peshmerga militia. There were fierce clashes between Peshmerga forces and fighters of the Islamic State which resulted in the killing of more than two dozen extremists. Several more were injured in the ensuing fighting.

A statement released by the Kurdish militia said:

Daesh terrorists attacked our (Peshmerga) headquarters in Makhmur district southeast of Mosul, using car bombs and mortar shells but our forces repelled the attack subsequent to fierce clashes. At least 20 terrorists were killed and 28 more wounded in the clashes, before the group withdrew from the area towards its strongholds in Mosul.”

The Kurdish forces were able to repel the massive Daesh attack only with the help of coalition fighter jets. The Iraqi army and the Kurdish Peshmerga troops, aided by American warplanes, have intensified pressure on the Islamic State in the areas around the city of Mosul. Their ultimate goal of the coalition is to liberate Iraq’s second largest city from the grip of the extremist organization.

Clashes broke out as a surprise Daesh attack was mounted on Saturday in the Makhmur district that lies around a 100 kilometers southeast of Mosul.

The Peshmerga was able to repel the Daesh attack because heavy trucks packed with explosives did not blow up near the Kurdish positions. The militia retaliated by firing mortar rounds at the terrorist. Coalition jets also came to the battle in order to aid the Peshmerga.

Another source confirmed that coalition airstrikes were carried out in the town of Makhmur on Saturday. One airstrike targeted a tactical unit of the Islamic State and destroyed its heavy machine gun as well as a fighting position. It is still not confirm which kind of aircraft was used in the operation.

Daesh is the acronym for the Islamic State group which originated in 1999 pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda. It was part of the insurgency in Iraq that followed the 2003 American invasion of the country. In 2006, it proclaimed the formation of the Islamic State of Iraq in 2006 with the help of other insurgent groups.

When civil war broke out in Syria in 2011, a mission from the Islamic State of Iraq was sent to its neighboring country where it established a sizable presence in Al-Raqqa, Aleppo and Deir ez Zor provinces.

On June 10, 2014, Daesh attacked and occupied the second largest city of Mosul in a sweeping operation that surprise attack that left the entire world astonished. The group still control sizable territory in Syria and Iraq.

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