Israeli Airstrikes on Gaza in Response to a Single Rocket Attack

An IDF spokesman has claimed that Israeli airstrikes on Gaza were carried out in response to the sporadic rocket attacks from the territory.

Israeli Airstrikes on Gaza in Response to a Single Rocket Attack

In retaliation for a lone rocket attack from Gaza that hit Southern part of Israel on Sunday, the Israeli Army (IDF) has carried out massive airstrikes in the impoverished strip. The rocket allegedly fired from Gaza had hit an open space without causing any damage to either person or property.

After carrying out the Israeli air strikes on Gaza, the IDF announced that it had hit and destroyed two targets used by the terrorist within the strip.

The Gaza strip is an exclave of the Palestinian State that lies to the eastern coats of the Mediterranean Sea. It has borders with Israel and Egypt. There are around 2 million Palestinians crammed into an area of 360 square kilometers rendering the Gaza strip as one of the most densely populated regions in the world.

Moreover, a big chunk of the territory has been forcibly depopulated in order to make room for a large buffer zone which is maintained by Israel within the borders of the strip. Owing to an Israeli-Egyptian blockade in effect, Gazans are neither free to leave the strip or enter it. Goods cannot be exported or imported to and from the strip either.

There was a highly publicized disengagement of Israel from Gaza in 2005 that was seen throughout the world on live television, however, the legal status of the strip as per United Nations, legal experts, international human rights organizations and many governments, is still regarded as being under Israeli occupation.

Israel control the external aspects of the region as well as the lives of everyone living inside it. Gaza is dependent on Israel for water, electricity, communication and the rest of utilities. Israel can entered Gaza at any time it wants.

Since an intra-Palestinian battle between Hamas and Fatah in 2007, the former took control of the strip and expelled officials of the latter along with it’s with security members. Rocket attacks have been carried out from the Gaza strip into Israel since 2001. Most of these rockets are homemade and fail to cause any significant damage. Sunday’s rocket attack was no different.

Palestinian sources have revealed that Israeli airstrikes on Gaza were carried out at facilities located near Khan Younis and Deir al balah located in the south and center pf the Gaza strip respectively.

A spokesman for the Israeli army, Col. Peter Lerner claimed that the IDF jets targeted a military training facility of Hamas located in the central part of the Gaza strip. Israeli airstrikes on Gaza reportedly targeted two sites in Gaza on Sunday night. No immediate casualties or damages were reported.

Homemade rockets are regularly fired from the Gaza strip into Israel but the rarely cause any damage. Hamas, which controls the strip, does not admit responsibility for the rocket attacks from its territory; However, Israel insists that since Hamas controls the area, it is responsible for everything happening here.

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