How iPhone is Better than Android

The two competitor’s iPhone and android are continuously striking the market with mind-blowing features in their newly released mobile phones. But There are many whys and wherefores which confirms that iPhone is better than android. These are the key differences of iPhone and android phones:

How iPhone is Better than Android


If we look behind, iPhone has been selling phones based on the quality results on its camera. All iPhones are capable to capture your special moments and make them memorable with incredible picture quality.

How iPhone is Better than Android camera

For many years no android phone was as good as iPhone are. It supports high vibrant range while capturing images. iPhone 6 has the best camera results.


In this area, iPhone holds both software and hardware in its hands with the best IOS. iPhone is way too better in usage. These phones are enhanced and most incorporated ones. The speed and efficiency of iPhone becomes better with every version launched.

iPhone Apps:

iPhone beats android phone in this field too. Apps launched by iPhone are the best. These apps are designed in a mannered way and have the best features.

How iPhone is Better than Android apps

Moreover, all new apps are first launched by iPhone developers, later on they come for android users. These apps also get updates earlier than android applications.

Family Sharing:

This is another feature which makes iPhone better than android phones. In this application people can share things they care about with their family members. Users are allowed to share books, memories, music and other stuff via family sharing. People can limit inappropriate things from younger family members.

Home kit:

It is said that Apple is going to introduce home kit in iPhone very soon. With the help of home kit people will control their home appliances. This would be the best app offered by Apple. Along with this, Apple also provide iPhone accessories to its users.

How iPhone is Better than Android home kit


Apple updates all iPhones more frequently than android does. In this way iPhone is better than android. Updates are available in all devices.

How iPhone is Better than Android update

Updates are available for all iPhone users the same day they come in the market. In addition to updates, if you have any problem with your set, you can just contact to the customer service and they will solve your hitch right away. Paid apple apps are also available for all users.


Due to these features, the market of iPhone users has raised. iPhone manufacturers worked pretty well on user interface, which android is still unable to compete. Moreover, the applications offered to users are almost the same on both platforms, but the fact is Apple brings new apps in the market first which makes iPhone better than android. These are the most delicate phones in the market. iPhone always has overt looks which no android phone can beat. The choice of material is far better than android phones.

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