Apple Leak Discloses First ‘iPhone 7 Pro’ Images

Today, we have the most awaited picture of Apple iPhone 7. Apple Leak Discloses First ‘iPhone 7 Pro’ which reveals its mind-blowing features and model. Let’s take a look at the tremendous offerings of Apple in its upcoming model iPhone 7.

Apple Leak Discloses First 'iPhone 7 Pro' Images

iPhone 7 pictures are available all over internet. So, if you want to see the real image of iPhone. Do not wait. Open Google and watch the most interesting model among all smart phones. Because, Apple Leak Discloses First ‘iPhone 7 Pro’ specifications and pictures.

Camera Updates:

Everyone knows that Apple always tries to bring new technology in the market. Now, in iPhone 7, Apple has upgraded the camera. It is no more like iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. The new iPhone 7 has a much bigger module as compared to other Apple smart phones. Moreover, it can be seen that it much closer to the edge of the smart phone. Moreover, the camera would be completely flat and level with the surface of the set.


As Apple Leak Discloses First ‘iPhone 7 Pro’, we can see that iPhone 7 is more stylish than the previous models of Apple mobile phones. IPhone 7 is thinner and more elegant than other Apple mobiles. Now, whether it is iPhone 5 or iPhone 6, iPhone 7 beats them all. With this thin structure we can see the two rivals’ iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in competition again.

Apple Leak Discloses First 'iPhone 7 Pro' Images

No Headphone Jacks:

Quite surprisingly, IPhone 7 has no head phone jacks in it. Even the phone cases have no space designed for headphone jacks. It is said that Apple is going to use light ports for headphones.

Changed Antenna Bands:

Yes, this is true. Apple has worked hard to give iPhone 7 a complete smooth aluminium back. So, in iPhone 7 the antenna bands will be placed on the top as well as on the bottom of the back side. This would add a much cleaner look on the overall appearance of the look.

Apple is going to offer 62 GB, 32 GB and 128GB space to its users. Now enjoy the top iPhone apps. Enjoy the best iTunes with best iPhone 7 speakers.


Believe it or not but like always, iPhone 7 is going to strike the market with the highest market value. iPhone 7 has unbelievable looks and style. Now iPhone 7 has quite a clear image in people mind after the leaking of its first full picture in the market. Apple Leak Discloses First ‘iPhone 7 Pro’ image, which shows its delicate designing and a convincing structure.

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