Model Arshi Khan Claims She Had Sex With Shahid Afridi

The Duo met in Dubai and shared a room in a 7 star hotel.

Model Arshi Khan claims She Had Sex with Shahid Afridi

Famous Indian model Arshi Khan has claimed that she slept with the Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. Now she is pregnant with Shahid Afridi baby. Arshi Khan made this revelation on a news website.

Arshi Khan revealed to the IndiaNewsNetwork.IN that she and Shahid Afridi had sex with each other. Another Indian website had also claimed a few days ago that it possessed evidence of a private meeting between the Pakistani player and Indian model Arshi Khan.

The meeting allegedly took place in Dubai. Arshi Khan had previously denied allegations of sex with Shahid Afridi while the latter had always claimed that they were good friends. The editor of a news website, Manish Pandey said that Afridi and Arshi had spent a whole day together in a hotel room in Dubai.

The media in Pakistan is treating the news as nothing but an attempt by the Indian media to defame its star batsman. Pandey, on the other hand, again emphasized his allegations and said that he had pictures of the duo holidaying in the UAE. Pandey, however, refrained from showing any of the pictures but vowed to reveal them at the right time.

A source based in Dubai for an Indian news website claimed that Shahid Afridi, a famous Pakistani cricketer had secretly spent a passionate day in Dubai with India based model Arshi Khan. The source further added that they had spent one to two days in each other’s company within the same seven star hotel.

The same source further revealed that the Indian model from Bhopal may have been in contact with the cricketer for a long time before the Dubai episode. Khan visits Dubai on a regular basis. She and Afridi would squeeze in a quick rendezvous on such visits.

During a press briefing, Arshi Khan admitted that the duo was physically intimate to a certain level. Arshi Khan, however, did not reveal the level of this intimacy. She would rather repeat again and again that she was good friends with Shahid Afridi.

When Arshi Khan was confronted with the evidence of her passionate meeting with Afridi in the Gulf, she did, at last, accept that there were ‘some private moments’ between them. She also categorically stated that she had slept with Afridi.

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