Samsung S7 Release Date Specs and Review

Samsung has been serving us with technology products since many years. Samsung manufacture excellent products. Smart phones are the most popular product of the company. Now, everyone is anxiously waiting for the new smart phone of Samsung. Samsung Galaxy S7 is about to release. Let’s have a glimpse of Samsung S7 release date specs and review.

Samsung S7 Release Date Specs and Review

Release Date of Samsung Galaxy S7:

Now, it is formally announced by the company that Samsung Galaxy S7 will be presented in the market on March 11, 2016. As the pre-orders are existing now. You can book your handset. Now, we are highlighting the news about Samsung S7 release date specs and review.

Design of Samsung Galaxy S7:

It has the most delicate structure. Samsung Galaxy S7 is water and dust resilient. It has the most beautiful and smooth screen as compared to other android smart phones. S7 has dual curve backs which makes it comfortable to hold in hands. It is said that the design of upcoming set is similar to S6. It has 5.1 inches wide-screen with multiple touch options.

Camera of Samsung S7:

Now for the very first time, you can capture pictures in panorama mode while moving your S7. It allows you the motion photo facility in S7. Front camera is 5 MP and rear camera of S7 is 12 MP. Moreover, the most interesting thing is the connection of Samsung’s gear 360 VR Camera. You can watch photos of 360 VR Camera on S7. The camera results of Samsung s7 release date specs and reviews were shown in MWC.

Samsung S7 Release Date Specs and Review camera

Hardware of Samsung S7:

S7 is the first set which has pre-installed Android 6. It has 4 GB RAM which is more than enough for an excellent speed. It has dual sim option depending upon the country of the consumer. The battery is 3000mAh. Moreover, you can charge your battery wirelessly. It has the internal memory of 32 as well as 64 GB. You can use external memory card of 200 GB.

Samsung S7 Release Date Specs and Review battery life

Additional Features:

Samsung S7 has many interesting features which makes it a completely outstanding smartphone. It has finger print option for the security of your data. It allows 115 GB cloud storage for your data. Like Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, S7 also has eye-catching colours such as Black, Silver and Gold. It supports all Android applications.

Samsung S7 Release Date Specs and Review memory


As per Samsung s7 release date specs and review, we can say that this product will hit the market by its mind-blowing features. It will be available for consumers on March 11 2016. It is an admirable smart phone. You can enjoy gaming, internet browsing and texting through this exclusive phone. It provides all the best possible facilities to its users.

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