Holly Madison Fires Back at Hugh Hefner’s Break Up on ‘Rewriting History’ Disapproval

Holly Madison is opportunity up to ET on the shocking claim she makes not in favor of boyfriend Hugh Hefner an American publisher and businessman in her new book, Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny.

Holly Madison Fires Back at Hugh Hefner’s break up on ‘Rewriting History’ disapproval

In the inform-all, the 35-year-old ex- boyfriend Bunny facts the story touching violence she says she tolerated while living with 89-year-old Hefner, and assert that the first time she met Hefner, he offered her “thigh-hole” drugs.

At one point, she says she yet feels desperate. Hefner has since deprived of the charge, completely telling ET that his ex has “determined to revise history in an effort to live in the attention.”

Of course, holly, disagrees. She says, it was not on having an ax to grind or deficient to get a response from him, or you know, engaging him back into my life in any way. Holly says about her inspirations for the new book, “I don’t actually care about his reaction.

I wanted to share my tale to encourage other women who might be in an awful relationship to get out, or not be recognized by bad choices they have prepared, and take accuse of their lives and move on. I am absolutely not rewriting history. I am lastly telling the fact of my experience. For so many years I tried so firm to be a good girlfriend and I worried about him and forever had his back.”

She certainly feels she does not be indebted anything to Hefner for making her celebrated. She also said, “I believe it is significant for people to appreciate he was not running an aid for naughty girls or something.

There was absolutely a price for living there, and you recognize, we did a lot to push the brand, and cheerlead for the product, and I think there is an entire generation of young women who wouldn’t identify what Playboy was but it wasn’t for Girls Next Door,”

She give details. “I am absolutely thankful for the good belongings, but I don’t believe I be grateful anybody something. If you understand the book and you see how we were treating above the years. I absolutely gave him my greatest for seven years. And I believe that I was the best girlfriend anybody could have been. But there just arrives at a breaking point.”

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