Breaking news: Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star vandalism

The star belonging to Donald Trump on the Hollywood walk of fame was a thorn in the eyes of most people since he became part of the presidential race. The billionaire businessman and the Republican Party’s main candidate has a lot of enemies owing to his big mouth and unacceptable behavior.

Donald Trump’s Hollywood star vandalism

Hollywood walk of fame

Trump’s star on Hollywood walk of fame had been stomped by people. On other occasions, it was painted with a Nazi swastika and a mute icon. One of his opponents took the time to build a kind of border around it.

A target of vandalism

On Wednesday, the police in L.A. were tasked with the investigation of a case of vandalism which almost eclipsed all the things that had come before this.

In the wee hours of the night, a man who looked like a construction worker appeared out of nowhere and smashed Trump’s star with the help of a pickaxe and a sledgehammer.

While, police received the call that the star had become a target of vandalism who arrived at the scene. The investigation is still going on; however, there have been no arrests as yet.

The police managed to locate the sledgehammer and the pick which were used by the unknown person. A construction vest and a construction hat have also been recovered.

Since, the loss to the star on the walk of fame has been analyzed to be more than 2,000 dollars.

Vandal calls

However, a man who spoke to a news website claimed that he was the vandal. He also said that his intention was to remove the star from the Hollywood walk of fame and sell it on the market.

The alleged vandal further said that he wanted to collect money for all the women who had been sexually harassed by Donald Trump, and assaulted by him.

During the final debate, Trump had stated that most of the stories that depicted him as a sexual predator were fabricated and blown out of proportions.

A video posted on DeadLine, showed a man as he smashed the star which is located in Hollywood Boulevard.

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