Horrific Car Crash claims five teenagers’ lives

Car crash in Williston

911 received the first call at around 11:40 on Saturday. A motorist warned that there can be a horrific car crash involving a Toyota truck. The said truck had barreled down 89 Interstate while on the wrong side of the highway.

Horrific car crash incident in Williston

Most horrific car crash

There were more calls regarding the same truck 911 which made it clear that the incident could lead to one of the most horrific car crash.

Cruisers were dispatched by the local police in Vermont State hoping that the erratic driver of the truck would be stopped in time so that a car crash would not take place.

The cruisers drove with the motorists who had simply no idea what kind of danger was coming towards them with full speed. There was no way so many people could be warned about the approaching danger. In the sea of vehicles, there was a Volkswagen that was carrying 5 young teenagers who were only barely old enough to drive a car.

Only a few minutes later, another call to the 911 confirmed that the car crash had already happened. The first policeman to come to the scene found two vehicles on the road- both of them fully crumpled. One was a Toyota truck while the other was a Volkswagen Jetta. The latter was burning in flames.

There was nothing with which the policeman could save the teenagers inside the Volkswagen, however, in a desperate attempt, he grabbed a fire extinguisher and made his way to the Jetta. He managed to pull a girl from inside and tried to put out the fire.

It was then that he was something that was almost unbelievable: His very own police cruiser was speeding away from the scene, its emergency lights still on.

Car crash incident

Behind the wheels of this vehicle was a man he didn’t know but was later identified as Steven D. Bourgoin. Apparently, Bourgoin was driving the Toyota truck before the car crash happened. He was later apprehended when he crashed the cruiser in another time and the vehicle caught fire. The teenagers in The Volkswagen were killed.

The incident has shocked the entire state. Four of the victims were juniors at Harwood Union High Schools. The fifth one studies at Kimball Union Academy. He had been in Vermont on weekend. Firefighters on the scene described the scene as the most horrific they had ever seen.

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