Energy Ratings of appliances play an Important role in Energy Efficient Houses

When identifying what measures are in your hands to considerably reduce the energy consumption of your home and, at the same time, improve your energy efficiency and control the electricity expenditure included in your bill, you should always bear in mind that the main point about that you will have to influence will be, necessarily, related to the use of the different appliances that you have in your home.

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Buying household appliances is an important decision for most homeowners and involves significant costs. Large items such as a washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator or oven can save on top kitchen chimney models in India. Do you know how much energy your appliances consume? And how much water in your washing machine or dishwasher? Without a doubt, these data are very important when purchasing an appliance, since in addition to helping the sustainability of our planet, we can obtain significant savings during the life of our appliances.

Always check the energy label of the appliance

All the values ??are presented on the energy label, which will show the energy and water consumption values ??of the appliance to which it is attached. It will also show the benefits that the same device has.

This is a simple way to find out the energy efficiency of a household appliance. It is a label that every appliance that is for sale must have attached, so that any potential consumer is aware of their future spending. This is important both for the environment (it helps to choose the most efficient appliances with greater transparency) and for our pocket finally (since the extra that we will pay for the purchase of that efficient appliance we will save later on in the future).

Replace your old appliances with more energy efficient ones

If you want to save electricity, you don’t have to rigorously abolish all old electrical appliances and replace new energy-saving models. Although it makes sense to change over, especially if you want to buy a new device anyway. When making new purchases, you should always give priority to the more energy-efficient model, even if it is usually a little more expensive in terms of purchase price. For example, if you buy an energy-saving refrigerator, you can save good amount over the entire service life.

They are a great way to save on light bills and contribute to a slightly greener planet. Low-consumption appliances are, by definition, those who use only the resources they need to do their assigned task or as few resources as possible. In some, only electricity consumption comes into play, but in the case of washing machines or dishwashers, water consumption must also be assessed.

Understand the Energy Rating System

Today manufacturers aspire to get stars for their energy efficiency. We’ve all seen with stickers on the best appliances for home but what do they mean? I guess it’s pretty obvious the more stars displayed on a sticker, the better the energy rating. The motive of the stars is to be a quick indication of the significant information. The number of stars in the red box energy consumption numbers gives you an indication as to the expected yearly usage of electricity for the appliance and usually in kilowatt hours per year.

There are two types of labels the standard six star label and then there’s the ten star label for super efficient products that rate seven stars or more. ACs are considered another way, if they’re reverse cycle, their energy consumption numbers will be based on the expected amount of energy used each hour individually for heating and cooling.

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Now in most cases when comparing products, you are most likely to find that the products that cost more, works better and here is where the kilowatts per hour come into play. If you’re looking at a product that’s going to get a lot of use then it could be worth paying the extra to save in the long run. Now here’s a quick tip: it’s estimated that an increase in one star means energy savings of ten to thirty percent depending on the appliances being compared in most cases.

All appliances that are subject to the rigor of the label, must carry it in a very visible place. In this way the consumer can choose and compare between various household appliances at the time of purchase.

Basic things we can do to make our house energy efficient

  • When buying an appliance, choose the one with a 5 or at least 4 star energy rating label.
  • Keep appliances unplugged from the power supply that do not have to be connected continuously.
  • Use the oven and grill as little as possible. Instead, use the microwave.
  • Replace the incandescent filament bulbs with others of lower consumption or compact fluorescent lamps.
  • Fully load the washer with every wash, but without overloading, and always keep the filter clean.

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