New Technologies You Can Easily Introduce Into Your Old Home

New technology for older home – There’s a certain feel to older homes that cannot be replicated in a new build, no matter how much we try. The materials, the history, and the style can impact your mood and seriously change your lifestyle by bringing you back to the simplicities that really build our lives.

Personally, I love living in older homes and feel most comfortable when surrounded by objects that have an extensive history behind them. Thinking about the generations before me has a way of making me feel grounded and mindful of time passing.

(1) The Kitchen

However, I admit to being a sucker for a kitchen that includes some of the most modern technology and I’m not ashamed to say it out loud!

New technology can make your life much easier and can save you a ton of time, which allows you to do things that are more enjoyable and positive. There’s something about new kitchen tech that appeals to me and, while I typically enjoy simple living, can get me excited.

Here are some examples of technology that can make a difference in your life (and can be introduced to an older home):

(a) Coffee Machines

The coffee industry has grown exponentially in the last number of years. Our local baristas can offer more variety and the appliances they use have begun to look like machines you might see in a movie from outer space.

Now, people are bringing these appliances into their own homes, so they can make their own cups of coffee, as well as fancier drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

A machine like the Jura Impressa A9 – which I have purchased for my own home – is a commercial-quality coffee maker that can do just about everything. Every morning, I feel like a barista as I make myself a delicious cup of coffee in my own kitchen.

(b) New Cooktops

A new cooktop can quickly transform your countertop to look like a more modern appliance, and will also allow you to reap the benefits of quicker, cleaner cooking.

Electric cooktops can heat up faster, are easily cleanable, and provide less risk for a home accident or injury. As an added bonus to all of this, these electric cooktops look great and radiate a sense of intellect.

(c) Innovative Microwaves

Microwaves are another kitchen appliance that have constantly been evolving over the last number of years. From the features you see on the control panel to the exterior appearance and beyond, microwaves are drastically changing each year.

Traditional microwaves have sat on a countertop or shelf and have always seemed to take up a large amount of time, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Over the range microwaves can easily be installed to free up counter space and have the microwave at eye level.

(2) The Living Room

I try and leave my living room as tech-free and comforting as possible, but that doesn’t mean that behind-the-scenes tech can’t be used.

Recently, I have installed new light bulbs that allow me to control the intensity of the light (dim or brighten on-command) and the color of the lights. Certain colors help me relax and being able to dim them can set the mood and make me feel relaxed when I need it.

(3) The Bedroom

The above technology can also be quite effective when installed in the bedroom, especially if you like to read or relax before shutting your eyes.

Another effective technology that I have fallen in love with inside the bedroom is having a programmable thermostat that can easily be adjusted. By shutting my door and using the electronic control panel that is on the wall, I can find the perfect temperature that will leave me comfortable long into the night and when I wake up in the morning.


New technology can be scary, annoying, intimidating, and intrusive; but they can also be effective, affordable, and exciting.

I recommend finding places in your life (and in your home) where technology might be impactful and doing your research to answer all of the questions you might have.

When I was looking into installing a smart thermostat for my bedroom, I spent an entire month reading reviews and talking to experts so I could be sure of the decision I was making. There is a ton of technology on the market and not all of it is worthwhile. Do your research, read some reviews, and find the best investment for your personal situation.

An old home can keep its vintage vibe, even when new technology is introduced, so have some fun with the space around you. I live in an older home that has been suited with some great technology to make my life easier, and you can do the same thing.

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