How To Become Politically Active

How To Be Politically Active – The political landscape might seem more divided than ever, but that also means more and more people are passionately advocating for what they believe in. There’s been an uptick in how many young people and minorities are both working for political organizations or running for office. Maybe seeing these trends has inspired you to get involved, or maybe there’s an issue you’re passionate about and you want to effect change. Whatever your motivation, joining a political cause has never been easier! You have tons of options to fit all levels of interest, availability, and beliefs.

How To Be Politically Active

Start Local

The best way to become involved in democracy now is to get to know your local landscape. The first step in this process is to find out who your representatives are. You can check for your district representative in your city or county government, find out who your mayor is, and familiarize yourself with issues in your town. If you want to go one step further, you can check your state’s secretary of state website to learn who your Congressional and Senate representatives are. The information should come complete with a phone number, email address, and mailing address so you can get in touch with them to address any of your needs.

After you know who you’re dealing with, then you can start attending meetings to get a firm grasp on the issues facing your community. Government meetings typically follow a predictable schedule and are open to the public, so you can call your county or city office to find out when the council meets. This will give you the opportunity to learn about your town, give insight and input about debated issues, and even propose solutions to problems you’ve noticed yourself. Council meetings are where democracy starts, so if you want to get involved, it’s a great place to start!

Take Advantage of Your Rights

U.S. citizens have more rights than people in a multitude of countries. You have the right to vote, protest, and even run for office, so why not take advantage of all these opportunities. The easiest way to become more politically active is to vote in every election. The presidential elections surely get the most press, but there are a number of state and local elections that happen on regular frequencies too so it’s likely you can vote on something every year. If you keep up with your city council meetings, it will be much easier to know when voting day is and what will be on the ballot.

Protesting is another great way to demonstrate your passion for a particular issue. As political tensions become more and more strained, there has been more organized protesting so people can voice their concerns and show what they stand for. The key to protesting is to go through the proper legal channels so everyone involved is safe. You must acquire a permit and alert the authorities when you plan to hold your demonstration and agree to remain peaceful.

Finally, you could even run for office yourself! Instead of simply backing a candidate with a cash donation or by going door to door, you can take the bull by the horns and decide to handle the issues yourself. Running for office is the ultimate way to get involved in politics because if you get elected, then you’re responsible for living up to your promises. You have much more influence as an elected official, and thus a greater chance of accomplishing your goals or tackling tough issues. It’s also a great way to pull your friends and family into your cause because you’ll need help with things like fundraising, campaigning, and planning events to get your name and message in the minds of community members.

Becoming politically active is easier than ever with plenty of easy options such as getting to know your local representatives, voting, protesting, or running for office.

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