How to Create a Carpool App Similar to Blablacar

How to Create a Carpool App Similar to Blablacar

A peer-to-peer ride sharing app like Blablacar Clone is the best way for passengers to share their journey costs. With the help of a ride sharing app, taxi services no longer have power over your customers. In this blog, learn in detail how a peer-to-peer app works and the creation process.


A secured payment gateway, clear and effective navigation, and a reliable support system are some of the finest features that the user can connect your brand with from the first ride. This level of credibility and transparency is attained through constant updates or from the first ‘book a ride’ tap. Despite struggling with attention and brand identity, your business will succeed if you follow certain rules.

Things you should know about Carpool App Development

Since the popularity of on-demand apps has taken modern tech culture by storm, start-ups are undergoing massive change. The same applies to carpool app businesses, especially the Blablacar ridesharing service. To start a similar business from an app development perspective, you must understand Carpool App Development thoroughly as an entrepreneur.


iOS and Android user apps, websites, and admin panels are essential to the carpool business. Most developers would advise you to go with cross-app development to cut costs. However, you should always try to create scalable and secure apps from the start. Having native apps also gives you the advantage of getting App and Play Store updates earlier than your competitors.

Furthermore, the admin panel allows the entrepreneur to manage the analytical portion of the business by offering real-time updates on various dashboards. These dashboards represent different metrics and KPIs for the business to use to create and manage reports and reviews.

General Features

The user app, being the main app for peer-to-peer connection, is the most important part of the overall development process. In the app itself, a couple of key defining features should always be included in the final product. Essentially, a carpool app like Blablacar Clone should allow customers to find published rides and publish new ones. Therefore, it should have the following features to attract new users as well as retain old ones:

  • See a nearby list of rides

  • See ride details

  • Call a person who published rides

  • Publish a ride by yourself

  • Accept or reject ride requests

  • Push or in-app notifications

  • Get the invoice for the ride

  • Review and ratings

  • SOS button

  • Wallet-to-wallet money transfer

  • Invite friends and use a referral system

  • OTP verification for a new user

  • Cash, debit card, and credit card payments

Apart from the above features, the user app is designed to minimize the booking process by breaking it down into small steps. With the help of quick information implementation, the app becomes more customer-centric than ever before.

Admin Panel Features

An admin panel serves as the control center of your carpool application, and that’s why building an admin panel is essential for your Blablacar Clone app business. The admin panel provides a centralized location for managing data and makes it easier to maintain the app’s features efficiently. Here are some of the top features that should be present in the admin panel of a carpool app:

  • Manage users

  • Manage cars

  • Push notification management

  • View payments

  • Manage commissions

  • View earning reports

  • Booking cancellation

  • Manage language and currency

  • Manage notification sounds and ringtones

  • Configure documents per target country

  • Send push notifications

  • CSV export for any KPI or metric

Apart from the above features, the admin panel saves time and effort by automating core business processes backed by real-time data. Moreover, an admin panel launches your business to understand the market more closely than most other businesses to help you reach your goals more effectively.

Steps To Launch Your Carpool App with a Blablacar Clone

If you don’t know much about clone apps, you might have used one without realizing it. Every app is a clone of something else. For instance, take any ride-hailing service; it is a straight-up copy of Uber. The same goes for food delivery apps like Doordash or Grubhub, which offer doorstep delivery. The difference between all the on-demand apps today can be attributed to one factor: the delivery time or cost of the trip.

Most on-demand companies have different commission rates or delivery costs depending on the app’s quality and the overall control of the network of loyal drivers. Therefore, it takes time for a new business to enter the app-based market.

Some entrepreneurs spend excessively on app design and development and endless promotional campaigns. However, the app is at the heart of it all, which can only make a name among giants by offering swift and robust services.

Now, the Blablacar Clone app is also a peer-to-peer ridesharing platform. It offers similar features and services to the original app. It is seeing a high demand from interested entrepreneurs who want an instant launch without compromising quality. To start, you must download the demo app using the link on a professional white-label firm site.

Furthermore, after going through multiple demos from different vendors, land on the one you think has all the desired features. It’s time to contact the white-label firm to start the customization process, which won’t take more than two weeks to complete. If everything is done correctly, you will launch your Carpool app business with a fraction of the cost of the actual app development from scratch.


Finding a professional white-label firm must be done with the help of testimonials, as you must ensure that other business owners have used the ridesharing app before you. Moreover, creating an app similar to Blablacar Clone will yield the best results if your app is designed in a simple and minimalistic tone.

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