Full Guideline: How to Get 10TB Cloud Storage for Free

In today’s digital age, cloud backup has become a popular choice for safeguarding important data. The market is flooded with various PC cloud backup services that offer professional backup functionalities. If you’re seeking an excellent option for cloud backup with 10TB cloud storage or more, keep reading to discover detailed information about detailed information.

Why do we choose cloud backup?

The advantages of cloud backup are numerous, which explains why more and more users are opting for this method to protect their data. When compared to traditional local backup approaches, cloud backup performs better in several aspects that you can truly appreciate. 

Firstly, cloud backup ensures the safety of your valuable data by storing it remotely, away from local disasters, equipment failures, system crashes, and virus attacks. Moreover, expanding your cloud backup space is cost-effective.

Additionally, cloud backup enables convenient access to your data anytime and anywhere. It also offers the benefit of keeping multiple backup versions, facilitating effortless and high-speed data recovery. Furthermore, you can customize the frequency of backup tasks with a cloud backup service based on your preferences.

Do we need 10TB cloud storage or more?

The question of whether 10TB cloud storage is possible arises as your data continues to grow on your computer. 10TB cloud backup is an ideal solution for many of you requiring large storage space for your data. Unfortunately, most cloud services only provide limited free cloud backup space, ranging from 2GB to 15GB, which proves insufficient for you. However, there is a possibility of obtaining free 10TB cloud storage and even more. To acquire more information on this, delve into the following section.

Discover the best free cloud backup service with 10TB cloud storage

This cloud backup service CBackup, offers the means to obtain 10TB cloud storage or more at no cost. Let’s explore its remarkable advantages.

CBackup stands as a professional cloud backup service with a long-standing commitment to data security.

With the Combine Cloud feature of CBackup, you can acquire 10TB cloud storage by merging multiple cloud drive accounts into a combined cloud. You have the flexibility to choose accounts from the same or different cloud platforms.

How to Get 10TB Cloud Storage for Free

Furthermore, CBackup offers a range of effective backup and sync features completely free of charge. Here’s an overview of these features:

  • Free cloud storage: Each CBackup account includes 10GB of complimentary cloud storage in the CBackup Cloud. You can easily back up your data to the CBackup Cloud and enjoy its benefits. Additionally, you have the option to upgrade your CBackup Cloud cloud storage to 1TB or 5TB.
  • Backup PC to public cloud: CBackup allows you to effortlessly back up your computer data to various cloud drives, including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more. It supports a wide range of data types, such as documents, pictures, programs, hard drives, and even entire computers.
  • Sync PC to public cloud: In addition to backup, CBackup enables you to create sync tasks between your PC and popular cloud drives, ensuring your files are up to date across platforms.
  • Cloud to cloud backup and sync: With the cloud to cloud backup and sync feature, you can effortlessly back up or transfer data between two different cloud drive accounts from a single interface.
  • Unlimited backup versions: CBackup automatically saves each version of your backups, simplifying the process of retrieving lost data with just a few clicks.
  • Scheduled backup and sync: CBackup offers a convenient Scheduler feature, allowing you to create automated backup or sync tasks according to your preferred schedule.

CBackup has gained positive feedback from both users and professional forums, thanks to its user-friendly features and intuitive operation. 

You can access this free cloud service on its official website or download the desktop app compatible with Windows operating systems, including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and XP. 

Rest assured that your data security is paramount to CBackup, as it utilizes the OAuth Authorization System to safeguard your login information. Additionally, CBackup employs 256-bit AES Encryption during data transfer, ensuring the security of your data throughout the process.

A detailed guideline to get 10TB cloud storage in CBackup

Even if you possess little to no knowledge about IT, you can easily utilize CBackup with the help of this simple guideline. Prior to following these steps, ensure you have downloaded and installed the CBackup desktop application, signed up for a new account, and logged into it.

1. Click on the My Storage icon, select any cloud drive, and click “Authorize Now” to add your desired cloud drive accounts.

How to Get 10TB Cloud Storage for Free

2. On the My Storage page, click “+ Add Combined Cloud.”

How to Get 10TB Cloud Storage for Free

3. Select the cloud storage accounts you wish to merge and click “Next.” Arrange the selected cloud drives in the desired order, then click “Combine.”

How to Get 10TB Cloud Storage for Free

After completing the above steps, you will find a Combined Cloud listed in your cloud storage options. When you want to create a backup task, simply choose “Backup PC to Combined Cloud” under the Backup tab.

How to Get 10TB Cloud Storage for Free

Written in the end

In conclusion, the aforementioned free cloud backup service with 10TB cloud storage offers a satisfying solution for your backup needs. By obtaining the free backup software, you can enjoy 10TB cloud storage immediately. Furthermore, CBackup provides a range of effective backup and sync features at no cost.

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