How To Get The Perfect Smile?

How To Get The Perfect Smile

How to get the perfect smile?

Growing up, we were always reminded to smile politely at everyone we met. We knew a charming smile made us feel better. But what if we have a smile that’s not perfect? Should we stop taking pictures? Should we constantly hide our faces and our laughter? Is that the perfect solution?

No, it’s not. The best solution to get that perfect smile is a dental procedure. You can undergo various procedures ranging from teeth whitening to implants that can help improve your smile. Let’s take a look at them.

The Best Dental Procedures To Improve Your Smile

Teeth whitening

Often, your teeth become stained due to excessive consumption of sodas, tea, coffee, and other food items. Improper brushing techniques also result in plaque accumulation and unsightly stains on the teeth. No matter the reason, one of the best ways to remove stains is a whitening procedure.

How Does It Work?

It’s a simple, non-invasive procedure you can do at home or at a dentist’s. We recommend you get this treatment done at a clinic professionally for the best results.

Dentists recommend getting a professional dental cleaning before whitening to maximize the procedure’s benefits. The whitening procedure is carried out in two steps. The dentist applies a bleaching agent, mostly hydrogen peroxide, to your teeth in the first step. Next, ultraviolet light is used to activate it.

The bleaching agent works wonders in lifting various kinds of stains. It not only whitens the teeth but also adds a shine to them. The results can be as long-lasting as you want them to be. Proper care after treatment will help your procedure last longer.

Dental bonding

While teeth whitening is an excellent treatment, it only lifts surface-level stains. What can you do about chipped off or a large blackened cavity? Dental bonding is the procedure to go for in situations like these.

A dental bonding procedure not only adds a sparkle to your smile it also restores tooth loss due to a cavity or fracture.

The Process

The procedure involves placing resin at the site of discoloration or fracture and then bonding the material to the tooth surface through a UV light.

The procedure is simple but sometimes involves preparing the cavity using a handpiece instrument. No worries, though, it doesn’t hurt one bit! You can get this procedure done within an hour, depending on the depth of the cavity and the number of teeth involved.


A dental implant is your go-to when you want to replace a missing or badly carious tooth. It is a complex procedure that is invasive and requires minor surgery. Implants are surgically placed in the jaw with the help of a screw. The best part is that the tooth’s crown appears exactly like the natural teeth.

Although it is a great replacement for shed teeth, it should be noted that the procedure may take months. But once the teeth are implanted, you will be set for life.

Orthodontic treatment

Misaligned or crooked teeth is one of the biggest reason your confidence may nosedive when you smile. Teeth can be misaligned for various reasons such as trauma, birth defects, or even habits like thumb sucking. Misalignment leads to decreased aesthetics and beauty and hampers normal occlusion and functions of teeth. That’s why it’s so important to correct it- to achieve the perfect smile and the perfect functions.

Orthodontic treatment is the go-to choice for treating misaligned teeth. The dentist examines your teeth and jaw to find the cause of the problem. Once they know where the problem lies, they start working from there.

The treatment works by applying pressure on misaligned teeth. The teeth are pulled or pushed to ensure that they come back to their original position. These treatments are complex and take time, so it’s important to be patient and stick to the instructions provided for better results.

Types Of Braces

Advances in dentistry mean that there are now various types of braces for orthodontic treatment. You can opt for clear aligners instead of metal ones. You can also choose lingual braces. They are placed on the lingual side of your teeth instead of the front, so they are hidden from the eyes of judgemental people.


Veneers are thin shells of tooth-colored porcelain or plastic material fitted into the teeth’ crowns. They are used for hiding severe discoloration due to birth defects or other causes. Veneers are also the best choice for broken/fractured teeth.

Many times people suffering from fluorosis cannot afford crowns or other prostheses. In cases like these, dentists recommend filing the crown’s surface and placing veneers to cover the discoloration. It helps create the perfect teeth without costing an arm or a leg.

The process is easy too. The dentist takes an impression or creates a mold of the teeth. The mold is then used to fabricate the veneers. Once the veneers are manufactured, the dentist uses bonding cement to bond them to the surface of the teeth. You can get the perfect teeth and smile in just three easy steps!


There are many instances when the teeth have severe caries that almost half the tooth’s surface is lost. The dentist recommends a root canal treatment followed by a crown placement in such cases.

A crown is an artificial replacement for the visible surface of the teeth. They can be used to replace a portion of a tooth or to hide badly stained teeth. Whatever the case may be, if your dentist recommends a crown, it’s better to get the treatment. Otherwise, proper teeth function and occlusion will be affected. Plus, your smile won’t look as pretty with badly stained or lost teeth.

The Process

The procedure involves various steps. First, the teeth that will seat the crown are filled with a restorative material to create a supporting structure. The next step involves taking the impression of the teeth so a crown can be fabricated that fits perfectly with the rest of your teeth. Once manufactured, the crown is cemented over the teeth. And voila, your teeth and smile both are restored!


A denture is an artificial tooth that replaces the missing natural teeth in the mouth.

Types of Denture

There are two types of dentures; a partial denture and a complete denture. A partial denture is placed when only a few teeth are missing from the mouth. The patient can opt for either a fixed partial denture or a removable one.

However, people who have no teeth at all require a complete replacement, and such dentures are called complete dentures.

The process is quite similar for both. The dentist takes the impression of the mouth and then sends the impression to the lab to fabricate the denture. Once it is fabricated, the denture is fitted into the mouth.

Gum Surgery

The problem isn’t always in the teeth. Sometimes, the teeth are exposed due to excessive gum recession or gum problems and diseases. This might result in tooth loss, the development of caries, and consequently, an unsatisfactory smile.

Don’t worry, though, there is a solution for gum problems too. Your dentist will perform what is known as gingivoplasty. It is basically gum surgery through which the recession or shape of gums is corrected. Your dentist can also repair uneven gums and create the perfect gum line that enhances the beauty of your smile.

Beautify Your Smile With Us

Depending on where you live and the procedure you decide on, dental procedures will cost from a few hundred dollars to more than five thousand dollars. You need to decide how much your smile is worth and opt for the best possible procedure after a consultation with your dentist. We at Anderson Lake Dental will be happy to facilitate you with finding this option.

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