How to Improve Writing Speed

Everyone wants to be acquainted with the magical tricks of becoming a fast writer. There are various methods which can support you to improve writing speed and strengths. These techniques will help you to complete the assigned task in half time or you’ll be able to produce more in less time.

Use A Proper Pen:

Writing tool is the most important thing which effects writing speed. People are advised to use fountain pens instead of ballpoint or gel pens if they are fervent to improve writing speed.

How to Improve Writing Speed Use proper pen

A comfy clutch on pen expedites a better form when you start writing. By and large, pens with heavier barrel are easy to hold and a rubber pad on them makes it easy to write in fluency. On the other hand, while using pens with thinner barrels, pressure is exerted on fingers as they are clasped to grip the thinner barrel. You can buy best pens from Amazon.

Keep Practicing:

The finest tool is to keep practicing. No matter how virtuous you are at your work. But if you are unable to submit your task on time, it is not going to cut it. Now start writing whenever you are at liberty. It will help you in improving your writing speed.

How to Improve Writing Speed practice

First Compose, Correct later:

All you have to do is to complete your draft in a first place. Later on, you can oversee according to the chucks. If you switch between writing and overlooking at the same time, you’ll be unable to complete your task in due time. It will kill your impetus and every time it makes you to pledge from scratch of a section or a sentence. Keep your focus on one thing, if you are writing something, just write. Then when it comes to correct your mistakes, just stab to focus on how you can make it improved. It will help you in focusing on the current job hence helps to improve writing speed.

Avoid Distractions:

The next step is to eradicate all distractions from your surroundings. This is the best meek trick. Incessantly beeping Facebook, Instagram, E-mails and Twitter notifications makes it almost unmanageable to distillate on our writing.

How to Improve Writing Speed Avoid Distractions

Try to achieve your milestone then allow yourself to check your notifications on social media. If you want to improve writing speed turn off your TV and stay off from Facebook while you are working.


If you try just one and only tip from these, you can perhaps improve your writing speed in a few days. First of all map all your ideas in your mind and then note them down. After research start writing and eliminate all distractions. These are simple but effective tricks to improve writing speed.

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