How to Increase Your Stamina

After the initial phase of working out on a regular basis, most fitness freaks focus on endurance or stamina. This article tell you how to increase your stamina. Stamina truly build your strength and is a slightly advanced stage in your path to fitness. Though persistence is the key to increasing your stamina, there are a few things that can help along the journey.

How to Increase Your Stamina

Reduce Recovery Time:

When working out it is instinctive for one to take a break, catch your breath in between repetitions. However, to increase your stamina, clock these breaks that you are taking and reduce it gradually over time. Shorter recovery time increases your stamina.

Strength and Cardio Based Workouts:

Most of us tend to ignore the workouts that focus on strength and dedicate a large amount of time towards cardio. Strength based work outs focus on your muscle and builds it. This can contribute majorly in you increasing your stamina. To increase stamina, mix both strength and cardio work outs.

Intensity and Consistency:

When your focus muscles burn when you’re working out is how you know that the exercise is making an impact. Increase the intensity of your workout to this burning level. Making every workout count will go a long way in building your stamina. Working out at this intensity increases your stamina.

Working out at that level of intensity is not sufficient alone, you must be consistent with your work out. Maintain the same level of intensity through the week. Consistency coupled with intensity ought to increase your stamina.

Mix it up:

Do not stick to a routine of exercises, thrown in some fast movements followed by slow ones. Controlling the pace at which you work out engages the mind and the body. Do some weights followed by a high speed short run, burpees and cycling. A mix of exercises focusing on varied muscles will increase your stamina.

Controlling your Mind:

Stamina is not the quest of the body alone. More often than not it’s our mind that determines whether we are physically capable of anything or not. So tune your mind and stay focused, your body will adapt accordingly.


What you eat on your journey to building stamina plays a major role. Maintain your ideal diet, enabling good growth of the muscle (Protein) and consume wholesome meals. Keep yourself light and comfortable when you work out to be able to out in your best. These are the ancillary things that contribute towards building your stamina.

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