Top 10 Nuts for Good Health

Most of us ignore an important component for a wholesome diet for a good health- nuts. Nuts are packed with nutrients, many of which cannot be found elsewhere. The following are top 10 nuts for good health.

Top 10 Nuts for Good Health

1: Almonds:

Almonds are rightly described as superfoods, these nuts induce the production of dopamine, an important hormone for development of the brain. The best ways to these nuts for good health is to soak them in water overnight and consume them on an empty stomach in the morning by peeling off the skin.

2: Brazil Nuts:

This South American nut is rich in nutrients. It contains Selenium an anti-cancer nutrient which helps in digesting proteins in nuts. Along with Selenium it consists of magnesium and zinc which keeps your immune system intact. They however also contain unsaturated fat and must be consumed in moderation.

3: Cashews:

Cashews are nuts that are good for health despite their fat content. They contain monounsaturated fatty acids which are good for your heart and your cholesterol levels.

4: Chestnuts:

Chest nuts are good for your health for various reasons. They help in repairing your damaged tissue, building your blood vessels and they also contribute to strong teeth. They are also known for treating respiratory diseases.

5: Hazelnuts:

Being concentrated in vitamin B hazelnuts are important for repairing your DNA, the health of your nervous system and to help in digestion. In addition Hazelnuts are known to be good for your skin, they help your skin remain supple and wrinkle free.

6: Macadamias:

These nuts are good for your health as they help in increasing your metabolism, which very few food can help in doing. They are great to be coupled with your workout because they prevent the storage of excess fat.

7: Peanuts:

The fat in peanuts help your skin look healthy and elastic. They contain manganese and also help in maintaining the sugar level in the blood.

8: Pecans:

Pecans are nuts that are good for your health for multiple reasons. They have antioxidants that are good for anti-aging. They are packed with vitamin A and B. Apart from this they have magnesium, iron, fiber and much more.

9: Pistachios:

Apart from their delicious taste Pistachios carry with them ample amounts of vitamin E. They also help maintain the blood sugar levels. They are also known to have antioxidant properties.

10: Walnuts:

Just like their appearance, walnuts are good for your brain. They have high content of omega-3 which is not commonly found in other vegetarian foods. Omega-3 is good for your heart, prevents coronary diseases and strokes

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