How to Set Up a Trading Computer with a 6 Monitor Setup

Assembling an effective 6 monitor setup for trading doesn’t have to be rocket science. Once you find the best monitors and computers that fit your trading goals and needs, you can get started in assembling it. Take a cue from many successful traders out there and use these tips to setup a proper trading computer setup: Red the article about How to setup Trading Computer with 6 monitor setups. 

Complete Your Trading Machinery

First things first, complete the tech that you need. Many people find themselves stumped when choosing a computer for their 6 monitor setup. Mostly, people just don’t know the computer specifications they should get.

You just need a fast computer to avoid lags when executing your trades. That said, your computer should meet at least the minimum requirements for trading computers. It should have at least 8GM RAM and a 2.8GHz processor.

Of course, if you have the budget, you can go with higher specs. But for budget-conscious traders who are just starting, these numbers should be a good start.

For monitors, get those with at least 1080p resolution. You need a high resolution to ensure that you can see those tiny indicators on your screen easily. When buying your monitors, be sure to check out the response time as well. Go for the lowest response time to make sure that it changes colors fast.

You also need to decide whether to go with a curved or a flat monitor. It all boils down to personal preferences so weigh down the pros and cons of each type of computer.

It’s important to note that curved monitors could be better for you because they engage your peripheral vision. If you’re going to trade all day, these monitors can help reduce eye strain. The caveat is that curved monitors are trickier to install because of their shape.  

Get at least a 6 monitor setup. You need to have 6 monitors or more to make monitoring critical trading information a lot easier. Since there are a lot of indicators that you need to keep an eye out on, having a 6 monitor setup can benefit you a lot.

Aside from these essentials, you should also consider the accessories that you’re going to buy. Obviously, you’ll need a mouse and a keyboard. You might want to add speakers to your setup as well.

Get adapters such as USB to HDMI cable adapters. You might also want to consider getting an extra source of power just in case there’s a power outage.

Find a Good Spot for Your Workstation

Next, look for the perfect spot for your workstation. If you have a spare room that you can convert into a trading room, that would be great. If you have limited space, use a dead spot like the corners of a room or near the stairs.

Just make sure the area gets a lot of natural light during the day. It’s hard to trade in a very dark room since you could get an eye strain. Having said that, you might want to position your workstation near windows.

On the other hand, you don’t want your monitors to get hit directly by the sun. The glare from the screen will make it difficult to spot your indicators.

Make sure your workspace gets good ventilation. You need to think about your comfort as well because trading all day can be exhausting, too.

Get the Office Furniture That You Need

What’s a 6 monitor setup without the right furniture? You can’t trade without a sturdy desk, right? Buy a good-sized office desk that’ll hold your 6 monitor setup.

It should be big enough to accommodate all 6 of your monitors. If you plan on adding more monitors in the future, make sure the desk can accommodate that need as well. There are expandable desks that you can use for such a purpose.

Avoid anything with a weak frame and foldable legs. Those could buckle under the weight of the monitors. If you’re using a desktop computer, there should be enough room for the CPU as well. Some desks already come with provisions for a CPU.

Don’t forget to get yourself a comfortable chair. It doesn’t have to be a swivel chair. However, a swivel function could be convenient when shifting from one monitor to another.

Since you’ll sit for extended periods of time, it’s a good idea to look for chairs with ergonomic features such as a memory foam cushion or a flexible back. You would want to get as much support to your back as possible to avoid suffering from strain later on.

Get a Multi-Monitor Mount

Since you have a 6 monitor setup, you need to get 6 monitor stands. Decide first what mounting method you want to use. Are you going with a freestanding mount or a desk mount?

Monitors come with a stand already but they’re not the best way to maximize the use of your desk. You can go with a desk mount capable of supporting a 6 monitor setup.

You clamp this mount on the edge of your desk close to the wall. If you’re using a table that comes with holes for the wires, you can use a grommet mount that will go through those holes.

Consider the configuration of the mount as well. Most mounts you can see out there have a 3×1 configuration. The monitors are placed side by side horizontally. This can be great for those with 6 monitor setup.

Alternatively, you go with vertical stacking. A configuration of 1×3 will help you achieve that.

Always check the weight capacity of the mount before buying. Make sure your monitors are also VESA-compliant so they’ll work with most types of mounts out there.


Configure your 6 monitor setup as you go along. Add more monitors and mounts if you think it’s necessary to help you execute your trades. The important thing is that your trading computer setup fits your needs.

Find the right products that will help you assemble a reliable setup that you’ll love for many more trading years to come. 


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