How To Take Care Of Your Dogs During The Monsoon?

Monsoon care for dogs – Monsoon is like good news for every living creature on the planet. This time of the year brings both temperature and pollution down. Crop planting gains momentum. And, your spirited pet can spend more time outdoors. In addition to the pleasantness, rains bring the risk of pets contracting skin infections and indigestion problems as well.

monsoon care for dogs

So, you need to put extra efforts to maintain the health and hygiene of your furry baby during the wet weather. If you don’t know what you can do then we have got some tips for you. 

Use Ideal Rain Gear 

It is important to protect the fur of your pet. So, when it is raining, use the ideal rain gear. Before and after outdoor play time and daily walks, pet dry its hair. The moisture content in the atmosphere is high during the rainy season. If you want to fight the ill-effects of high moisture content, the fur should always be dry. Otherwise, expect your dog to suffer from bacterial and fungal skin infections. You can use anti fungal powders or dog paw balm to protect paws from infections. You should also start using waterless shampoo for dogs. Also, wear a protective doggie raincoat. 

Protect Paws 

When you are taking your pet for a walk, its paws are coming in contact with the ground. Paws are exposed to dirt and disease-causing micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses. You can use boots. However, dogs often refuse to wear shoes. In this case, you should clean your dog’s paws with warm water and pat dry paws. If you notice any sign of infections, apply dog paw balm. 

Give Fiber Rich Diet 

You might want to avoid taking your pet for a walk when it is constantly raining. However, physical activity is important for proper digestion and other bodily functions. Or, you can offer food that is easy to digest. Fibrous fruits and vegetables aid in proper digestion and bowel movements. In addition to the diet, you can employee indoor exercises such as running up and down the stairs. Feed according to the level of physical activity. You must avoid issues such as obesity. 

Give Boiled Water 

Don’t let your dog drink rainwater accumulated on the streets or parking lot. Make sure that you are giving your pet boiled water to drink. This will also help in avoiding tummy issues. 

Clean Ears And Check For Infections

The wet period brings more moisture in the ear. So, always keep ears dry and clean. Not wiping off the wax increases the risk of ear-infection. 

De-worm And Vaccinate 

The risk of respiratory infections and worm-related ailments is increased during the monsoon. Book an appointment with a trusted vet for vaccination and suitable de-worming. 

Stop Flea and Tick Attack 

The population of ticks, fleas and other pests is increased in humid weather conditions. These parasites carry deadly diseases that can be transmitted to your pets. So, regularly change bedding of your pet. Make sure that the bedding is always dry. 

Take the best care of your pet when it rains! 

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