How to Transform Your Home Exterior in a Couple of Steps?

It doesn’t matter if you are wanting to transform your home exterior just because you want it to appeal to you and your family, impress the neighbors or potential buyers if you are trying to sell the house. Whether you are just wanting your house pretty for yourself or someone else, here are ways you can do it in a couple of easy steps.

Home Exterior

Add Flowers

This is the most obvious and impactful way you can transform your home exterior. Adding new fresh flowers and greenery is the best way to do it. If you don’t have time to do that you can add some planters in your windows. If you are adding plants you need to pick ones that will survive your climate. Use the plants that you picked out to frame key points that you would like people to focus on when looking, like entryways or windows. Don’t be fooled, a nice flower arrangement can drastically change the appearance of your home’s exterior.

Maintain Your Lawn

A big part of having a nice home exterior is keeping your lawn nice and green. It’s important that you keep your lawn mowed, weeds pulled and your leaves raked. Keep it watered to prevent brown spots from forming. As long as you keep up with your lawn care your lawn will be the best one in your neighborhood. But, if having a nice green lawn isn’t possible because of the weather conditions, you can always consider having artificial turf or shrub beds, they look as impressive as nice green lawns. 

Paint Your Door

Painting your front door is super easy and everybody can do it. When you are painting the front door opt for more bold colors that will enhance and accentuate with the colors that are around your house exterior. Painting your door off black or a nice deep red color that will make your house turn some heads in a good way.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Clean out your gutters inside and out and with that, you will be getting rid of any debris. By describing them hard you will make them look as clean as new or as close as it can get to it. Clean, shiny gutters will make your house pop. 

Decorate Your Front Door

No rule says that you can only decorate your door for the holidays. You can hand wreaths all year round and it will make your front door beautiful. Because wreaths are made out of dried and preserved flowers and plants they don’t require any looking after and they can stay out there as long as you want. Try to avoid ones that are holiday-themed because they will look out of place when it’s not a holiday season. Choose ones that are nice and simple so they can be used all year round.

Hide Any Ugly Electrical Fixtures

All homes have that unattractive electrical box and it makes your house stand out but in a bad way. The good thing is that you can paint it so you camouflage it so it doesn’t stand out and poke your eyes. Choose a color that is the same as your house exterior so it camouflages into it.  

Pressure Wash Everything

There is nothing more satisfying than pressure washing years of the debris of dirt off your driveway, walkway, porch and even the exterior of your house. Your home will look amazing and as clean as it was when it was built and you will get to do a really fun and satisfying thing. 

Fix Up Any Problems

You can take care of all small repairs by yourself, like chipped paint or ripped screens but if you have holes or any bigger problems on the exterior of your house you will need to call professionals to do cement rendering repairs. It is important that the outside of your home doesn’t have any flaws, because even the tiniest flaw will affect the overall look. 

Update Your Door Hardware

If you are looking for a quick and simple yet noticeable upgrade, then getting new door hardware is the best upgrade for you. Go for colors that will contrast and stand out, such as gold on black or brass on white, but going with black and white is always a good idea. 

Clean Your Windows

You might be surprised by just how dirty the outside of your windows can get. Just the rain and pollution will create a film of dirt on them. Giving them a good old clean will believe it or not transform the exterior of your house in a matter of minutes. 

You don’t need to take out a loan or spend too much money or time to transform the exterior of your house. In most cases, your house already has a lot of beautiful elements that just need some tweaking and fixing up. If you put some time and effort into it you will be surprised by the results you will get. 

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