How to Upgrade Your Kids Room Design

How to Upgrade Your Kid’s Room DesignWhen our little ones start growing, so do their needs. As a child’s world begins to widen, there comes a day when their room suddenly needs an upgrade. The crib needs to be switched for a bed, the changing table no longer has a purpose, and there are suddenly so many toys that need to be stored somewhere. There are a lot of adjustments that need to be made, in addition, designing a kids’ room can easily blow your budget. Where should you even start?  If you need some inspiration for coming up with a kids’ room that will not only look great but also be functional, here are a few tips.

Pick the right floor for your

If you’re planning to renovate the whole room, it is a good idea to give some thought to the floor choices you have. When talking about kids, there is no doubt that the ease of cleaning needs to be a priority. However, so does comfort and even durability. The flooring can have a major impact on the look of the space, too. Most people go for carpet and it certainly has its advantages. Not only is it soft but it also has some insulating properties. However, cleaning it is a nightmare. If you go for carpet, do not pick a light color. You can also consider vinyl and other flooring options and enhance them with a rug.

Work together

When designing your child’s room, it’s extremely important that the two of you work together. This is going to be one of the most important spaces in your child’s life for now, so it’s paramount that their preferences are prioritized. Does your child have any interests that could be incorporated into the design? If the answer is yes, you can even start working on a themed room. Your child will feel much more connected to space if they have some level of autonomy over how it looks.

Minimize clutter

Whether you are upgrading the baby room to a proper children’s room or you simply want to give your kid’s room a pick-me-up, the first step is removing all the unnecessary items. Go through old toys and other belongings together with your child and see what they don’t need anymore. As for the arrangement of the room, it’s always a better idea to keep things simple and leave a lot of room for play, otherwise, the room will get messy and overwhelming. Remember that minimizing clutter also means cutting back on the decoration. Simplicity is key here.

Bring in color

The kids’ room is a fun and creative environment, so there is no reason why it should look boring. Bring some color into the space and inspire your child this way. You can make a large impact by simply repainting the walls. While you don’t have to paint masterpieces, it’s a good idea to mix things up a bit and combine two colors or paint one feature wall for some added interest. You can also employ temporary wall decals if you find that easier. Using washable paint is recommended so that the room can stay pristine as long as possible.

Create different zones

A children’s room is truly more than just a bedroom. It’s the definition of a multipurpose space. Your child will use this room to sleep, play, study, read, practice their hobbies, and even spend time with their friends, so you need to include all of these in the room’s design. It’s a good idea to create various zones within the room so that all of these functions can have their dedicated spot. For instance, you want to make a study corner that does not have a lot of distractions and allows your child to sit comfortably while doing their homework. The sleeping area needs to have a calming atmosphere, while the play area should be fun and stimulating. Making sure that these zones are clearly defined will also ensure that everything in the room has its place, preventing the mess from taking over the entire room.

Add cozy lighting

You want to make your child’s room feel warm and cozy. Lighting plays an important role in setting the right atmosphere in a room, so make sure you employ appropriate illumination in the various zones of the room. For instance, the study area needs to be bright, preferably with an adjustable table lamp. At the same time, the sleeping area should have soft, ambient lighting to create the mood for rest. You can turn your child’s space cozy with the help of fairy lights, but you can also pick up a star projector to make the nighttime magical. If you have a small child, it’s also a great idea to get a night light that will help them feel at ease.

Pick comfortable furniture

Comfort is of crucial importance in a child’s room. As already mentioned, they are going to spend a considerable amount of time in the future sitting down, studying, so make sure the desk and the chair you pick out for this purpose are ergonomic. As for the rest of the furniture, feel free to have fun and pick pieces that your kids will love. For instance, most children adore kids bean bags and they can be a fun and versatile addition.

Mind the bed

Of course, you will need to pick out a new bed for your growing child, however, picking the right one might put you in a dilemma. While a lot of parents go for bunk beds and elevated beds–understandably, since they take up much less space, especially if you’re designing a room for more than one child–they have a few drawbacks you should consider. Not only can a bunk bed cause argument between your kids about who gets to sleep where, but they are also inconvenient when it comes to making the bed, changing the sheets, etc. In addition, some bunk beds may not be as safe as you might think, and if you’re scared of your child falling out of the bed, a regular bed would be a better choice.

Allow privacy

As children grow, they will also need a bit more privacy. Designing the room in a way that allows for them to be alone when they want to will make them happy. There are many ways to do this. For instance, getting a small teepee and equipping it with comfy pillows and blankets will provide your child with a safe space. You can also create a cozy reading corner shielded by curtains or a canopy. But ultimately, your creativity is your only limit. You can convert small, awkward spaces or even a closet and give your child a nook where they can forget about the world and get lost in a book. Look up ideas to get inspired.

Introduce creative storage

When talking about children’s rooms, we simply cannot skip discussing one of the most critical issues: storage. No matter how much storage space a children’s room has, it can feel like it’s not enough. To combat mess, you should add more storage space than you think necessary. Your child’s belongings will keep multiplying so thinking ahead will be of great help. Maximize the storage space by adding more shelves and by coming up with creative storage ideas. For instance, you can make use of open shelves by putting color-coded storage baskets on them to store dolls, wooden toys, and other knick-knacks. Use empty wall space by hanging organizers that can hold smaller items. The more interesting-looking, the better. If you manage to gamify organizing, your child will be more likely to put things back where they belong.

Multi-purpose is your friend

Since your child’s room is probably not the biggest room in the house, you have to be smart to make the most of the space. If that is the case, multi-purpose furniture is going to be your friend. A few practical pieces can give you plenty of storage while saving space. For instance, a bed with storage underneath is a must. However, you can also turn to ottomans that double as storage baskets. Be on the lookout for these while shopping!

Customizing for a wow-effect

If you’re on a tighter budget, you don’t have to overspend on new furniture, though. With a bit of creativity, you can breathe new life into old or pre-owned pieces and make them look brand new. Refurbishing desks, chairs, and chests of drawers are all a possibility, and it gives you a lot of freedom as to what you want the result to look like. You can go for simple colors, but you also have the option to paint the pieces to an unexpected shade and make them look unique. Why not make the kids’ room playful with multicolored furniture?

Having to upgrade your kids’ room might look overwhelming. However, it can be a fun process that allows both your and your child’s creativity to blossom. Look for inspiration online and create a space that will be relaxing and inspiring but also practical. Good luck!

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