Iggy Azalea Unveils Sex tape! Charge of Emotional Abuse

Almost three months before, Iggy Azalea‘s ex-boyfriend, Hefe Wine, vulnerable to proclamation a sex tape of himself and the Aussie rapper. At the present, details of their sleazy relationship are exposed in a lawsuit Azalea filed contrary to him.

According to our reliable sources, ‘The New Classic’ maker trailed court papers to avert the tape and music he supposedly stole from being unconfined. She says not only did Williams good deal the tunes from an old hard drive she had, he was also sensitively offensive.

Iggy Azalea Unveils Sex tape

In the papers, Azalea said she come across the self-proclaimed music industry insider in Texas, after she moved there from Australia tiresome to get her rap career off the ground. She moved in with Williams, who ongoing to abuse her in 2007 and 2008, when Iggy was 17 and 18 years old, correspondingly.

“I was running out of money and thought I would have to return home to Australia,” said the ‘Fancy’ vocalist in the court official papers.

“Williams influenced me to stopover by promising to furnish a vacant property he owned for me to live in. Almost immediately after I moved my things into his apartment Williams became aggressive and possessive and made unwelcome sexual advances.

He isolated me and told me to stop communicating with my musical collaborators. He intercepted contact information from my new acquaintances, never left me alone with other people, and followed me everywhere.”

Moreover Azalea expressed the old music that Williams is trying to unveiled was not ever anticipated to be communal with the public.

Iggy Azalea is apparently taking legal action her ex-boyfriend and manager Hefe Wine for ostensibly stealing data from her computer.

Allowing to our trustworthy sources the Unruly singer, who viewed relaxed on stage at the 02 Shepherd’s Bush Empire on Wednesday evening, has filed a federal lawsuit counter to the man who she lived with in Atlanta in 2009.

The location reports that the Australian entertainer statements her ex downloaded music and content from her computer and also fake her signature on a document that says he has privileges to use ‘any recording embodying visual images’ of her.

Azalea first deprived of she presented in a sex tape and far ahead claimed that if it did feature her it was utmost likely shot whereas she was immature and uninformed filming was taking place.

As according to website information he trusts that in order to allocate the reported sex tape, he only has to put it to music and he asserts that he could also make a website to host the tape.

Lately Azalea susceptible to prosecute porn company Vivid if they assign her name to the vulgar video.

The X-rated videotape has been seen by the company’s CEO Steve Hirsch, on the other hand the Australian performer’s lawyers have eager a warning to the company charging the name ‘Iggy’ can only be used as the singer. The website made-up Hirsch has come up to Iggy with a multi-million dollar offer to buy the tape in order to launch it for sale.

On Tuesday, she completed a game effort to jet out of Los Angeles overlooked; however there was no mistaking Azalea as she passed through security at LAX International Airport.

The curvaceous performer wore a heavily fringed brown wig that samply covered her long blonde curls, however sadly drew acknowledgment to her unique features.

Iggy accomplished her subtle look with a cropped leather jacket and jeans, whereas a scruffy plaid shirt, lightly tied around her superbly curvy waist, attended a double purpose by smacking her equally familiarass.

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