Important Equipment for Starting a Photography Business

Important Equipment for Starting a Photography Business

Starting a photography business requires a ton of investment at the start. As you continue to build your business, it’ll get easier to acquire the perfect equipment that suits your style and preferences for shooting. Starting with these solid staples will help you track the right path. Consider this list if you’re searching for important equipment to start a photography business.


Purchasing a camera is the first and obvious step in starting your photography business. However, choosing between various makes and models will require research and relies on your personal needs and preferences.

Canon and Nikon cameras are great beginner cameras. Due to their low learning curve and reliable performance, many photographers lean toward these two options. You can expect to spend anywhere between $850 to $1,000 for your first camera. Purchasing the camera itself is likely to be your first significant investment. Be sure to take in a considerable amount of research before buying your first camera.


A tripod is an instrumental piece of equipment for still projects. If you’re shooting videos or taking self-portraits, having a tripod will allow you to capture your material at any level.

Due to the compact nature of tripods, you can easily travel with this equipment for both indoor and outdoor projects.

SD Card and Card Reader

SD cards allow you to record and save all your data. You may find yourself purchasing this often, as SD cards can run out of space when they’ve reached their capacity.

Along with SD cards, you will need an SD card reader to transfer the memory from the SD card to a computer or device where you’ll upload the data. This is important because uploading your content is how you’ll be able to edit and distribute or store it digitally.

Photo Backdrop

If you have your own studio and will be mainly shooting indoors, a photo backdrop is essential. There are plenty of backdrops available online. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to utilize different textures and backgrounds for your sets.

Different colored backdrops can change the mood and style of the shoot. Be intentional about your choice and discover what works best for your clients and what also works best for your artistic vision when selecting a backdrop.

Simple Props

Simple props like stools, chairs, flower walls, and Christmas trees are essential for giving your clients versatility during the shoot. Props add a creative element to shoots and can provide additional poses for your client.

Props add a well-rounded and professional touch to your client’s experience. It shows them that you’re prepared and equipped to execute their vision for their session with you.

Light Reflectors

Light reflectors allow you to reflect ambient light on your subject. This may help eliminate shadows or illuminate the high points of the subject in a flattering way. This piece of equipment is handy for headshots or studio portraits, where there is often a lack of natural light available directly.

External Flash

The last but certainly not least piece of equipment for starting a photography business that you need is an external flash. An external flash helps shoot on the go. If you’re shooting in a public place but want your photos to well lit, this flash piece is ideal.

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