3 Interesting Sports That’ll Make You Work Up a Sweat

3 Interesting Sports That’ll Make You Work Up a Sweat

Summer is right around the corner—and that means it’s time to start concentrating on those summer bods. Sure, you can do the traditional stuff like join a gym or joining a basketball league. Yet, what if this was the year you switched things up? Read about these three interesting sports that’ll make you work up a sweat if you’re ready to try something different.


Pickleball is a combination between tennis and ping-pong. Essentially, players hit a ball (kind of like a wiffleball) over a net. You can play as singles or pairs. Each person takes turns hitting the ball, while the other runs around the court trying to return their hit. One player must score 11 points to win, and they must win by 2—so, technically, the score can be 10-12. It’s very easy to break a sweat when playing pickleball. In fact, there are pickleball retail stores that sell equipment specifically meant for the game. Check out one of these shops to get the gear you need if this activity piques your interest.

Inline Skating

Children and teenagers aren’t the only ones who can enjoy skating. In fact, inline skating is a great and unique workout for adults who want to try something different. All you need is a rink, a decent pair of skates, and the proper safety gear. Shifting your weight will get your heart pumping, and you’ll have fun while doing the activity. So, why not give it a try? You’ll feel like you’re gliding on a cloud as you burn some serious calories.


Rowing is another interesting sport that’ll make you work up a sweat. It’s the perfect summer activity because there’s nothing better than being on the water. Sure, it’s a bit more of an investment than the other sports. However, you can use the rowboat and paddles for more low-key days, as well. Or, if for some reason you don’t want to be outside, you can invest in a rowing machine, so you’re able to watch TV as you exercise.

Many people get satisfaction out of going for a jog or watching an exercise tape. Yet, there are a few folks out there who want something different. Give one of these unique activities a try if you’re one of those individuals and start making fitness fun this summer.

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