Important Things to Consider Before Buying Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses

Motorists find their real pleasure in the exhaust thrust, wind on their face and slowly raising the speed to feel adrenaline rush. While thrills are something to live for, make sure you stay safe. Of course, a helmet is one of the crucial safety gear when riding a motorcycle. But that’s not it. You may want to armor yourself with knee and elbow guards along with UV protected sunglasses. Riding a motorcycle without any safety or precautions can prove fatal.

motorcycle riding sunglasses

Most of the motorists would invest heavily in bike accessories and personal safety gear but often neglect sunglasses. Such negligence to eye protection while riding sunglasses may even block your view and may end up in road mishaps. Also, those who prefer wearing an open-face helmet should certainly prefer wearing sunglasses for eye protection.

Lack of time to visit the brick and mortar store and lack of specialized driving sunglasses may push you to search the web.

Check out key things to consider before you buy sunglasses online.

  • Sunglasses with the right fit

    Visual obstruction can disturb your concentration. And this may happen to any rider with enough skills and precision. This is why you should always protect your eyes with safety glasses when riding a motorcycle. And when you have to pick the right pair to accompany you in the ride, go with those that embrace your face. You will be wearing it throughout the ride and may have to go through some rough roads and clogged streets. Make sure your riding sunglasses does not bother you when driving at a certain pace where wind can cut from any angle. Specially crafted motorcycle sunglasses boast craftsmanship that fits comfortably on your face and helps you sail past the hurdles on streets, main roads and highways quite easily.
  • Photochromic/Transition Lenses

    Apart from the sun rays, your day-time ride in a motorcycle is bound to face plenty of obstacles. You will need to protect your eyes from such occasional strains like dust, bounced sunrays, and wind. Ride your motorcycle wearing the photochromic lenses to ensure protecting your eyes from getting exposed to bright sunlight. Such lenses for sunglasses are designed to swiftly adapt to light changes. Long rides will have sun changing its direction and intensity from time to time. Wearing Photochromic during such drives will enable you with clear vision throughout the journey. You won’t have to bother about street lights, sunlight, glare, dust or other such disturbances.
  • UV Protection Glasses

    Motorcycle riders are recommended to wear reflective lenses that help reduce headlights and sunlight glare. It is during such rides where you will feel the need of UV protected glasses. The ultraviolet rays are harmful enough to damage your eyesight as the bright sun emits such rays heavily. Motorists wearing the UV protective lens can leverage the visual clarity that it offers in the daylight.

    Also, go for the shatter-proof glasses which are fixed in a lightweight nylon frame so that your eyes remain safe in the adverse circumstances like accidents. Motorcycle Glasses used when riding should offer 100% UV protection to protect eyes from the harsh sun and if you are looking to reduce the glare then choose polarises lenses. Make sure you check the sunglasses page on the website you buy it from and it has lenses stated as ‘Polarized’. It is best to wear orange or yellow lenses to help seeing things better during the dull days. Also, night time riding will require wearing non-tinted glasses.

    Also, plenty of websites offer glasses that come with interchangeable lenses. Riders with prescription lenses who do not want to wear lenses but need sunglasses can go for such UV protected interchangeable lenses. It can simply be a clip-on to your existing prescription glasses or you can opt for a dedicated prescription sunglasses with UV protected lenses.
  • Ensure Durability and Comfort

    Usually, riders prefer lightweight sunglasses which makes it comfortable to wear it for long hours during the journey. Some adventure junkies do not mind riding day and night with breaks in between. And if you are one of those then you will need sunglasses that are durable and all-weather. Also, they have to sit gently on your face without causing any sort of trouble in terms of disturbance or irritation. Such durable glasses need to sit on your face, intact and fit even if you sweat or bounce while riding.

    • Riding glasses should have the non-slip fit nose pads.

    • Choose comfort and lightweight over style where you aim to
    achieve comfort over a long duration.

    • Look for the sunglasses that can cover your eyes from the corners and top but not to an extent that your eyes find it difficult to breathe.

    • Since biking is an adventurous activity always go for durable materials like sturdy acetate built sunglasses that fit the same for a longer time.

What are the best sunglasses for bike riding sunglasses?

Brown lenses – These sunglasses will push up the contrast levels and are all-weather lenses.

Grey Lenses – Ideal biking sunglasses for better color perception. Should be your go-to lens colors in the bright sunglasses conditions.

Clear Lenses– Dark weather conditions with overcast may have you pulling out clear lenses for the riding purpose.

Yellow for Low light environment – Dusk and dawn time may or even late evenings are a suitable time to wear yellow lensed riding sunglasses.

Rose-colored lenses – Best to push up the depth perception offering all-weather visibility.

Bottom Line

Always read the sunglasses materials, shape, lenses colors, and dimensions when you are browsing an sunglasses online store in India. Also, research about the UV 400 lenses, 100% UV protected lenses and the Polarized lenses to better understand the difference. It will help you chose the right set of sunglasses for the riding purpose.

You can go to offline stores as well and check out the dimensions and try on you to know which dimensions suits you best and accordingly you can order online. The key is to balance the style with substance with zero compromises. Go riding and carve your path! Make the most out of your next motorcycle ride with the protection offered by top-quality sunglasses.

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