iPhone Has Launched HTC’s Golden Phone

Now Taiwanese Smartphone maker HTC rises and shine 24 karat gold Smartphone to score the end of one of the football, before the end of the victory over juventus to win Europe UEFA champions league. Company launched it on their company twitter account.

iPhone Has Launched HTC’s Golden Phone

On Friday, the company has introduced its HTC one M9 in an offered to celebrate the end of the Champions League season. On the back of the smooth telephone are a fixed soccer ball, and with the logo of the UEFA.

Usually I could not unintended about best versions of smart phones or tablets, but this is just too good to pass up. The ever alert eyes of the Internet noticed one quite awkward detail. One of their followers on twitter get noticed on the HTC One M9 photos a reflection of a most probably the HTC photographer using an I Phone to take the pictures of the golden smart phones.

In HTC’s unique photo, the reflection of a man is observable in the phone’s golden flat surface taking the picture using what seems to be an I Phone.

As HTC must have been hurrying towards a deadline, they quickly posted the now images without any checking. The social media never forgets errors especially like this, although HTC has gently detached the picture from their Twitter account.

While the company quietly replaces the photo, there are a number of users managing to protect the original reflection. In recent months, HTC has pushed out some devices in an effort to take back market share and reinvest itself. Its new devices take in a widely exposed phone that professes to give customer the best in self-taking photos.

All HTC’s one smart phones mark the camera lens in the center of the device. Moreover, one could in fact make out the Apple logo. The highlight mistake here is not whether it is a real I Phone, but that the phone used is certainly not an HTC Smartphone.

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