Is climate changing and terrorism are linked each other

Recently white house has released Obama’s speech name as “The national security implication of a changing climate.” He said in his speech that climate changing is creating a serious risk to global security. With the majority of scientists the Obama administration believes that greenhouse gases are mainly in charge of climate change.

Is climate changing and terrorism are linked each other

He also said in this order we can’t do any mistake, it leave its impact on our defending military. Barack Obama address inauguration in a coast guard, he says that he know very well about climate changing and terrorism. It is become great threat for our country. He has also spent his large time to explain his position in front of public on extremism.

Obama’s opponent party leader said that the scientific research does not show that there are how many changing happening by man or nature. He also says that Obama has believed that the changing of climate is due to men.

Security concerned people say that the idea has been failed in western military; there is no direct link between climate and terrorism. International Institute for planned Studies released a report that said that the factor of environment change like availability of water and also bad weather has leave many bad effect on our society.

Some analysts say that disturbed rains have the great effect on climate. Climate changing are cause by less consuming of crops and prices were high. People are really effected by climate changing, Obama will also say that climate changing can also change our life and we have a greet threats of terrorism. Analysts were also said that climate change is not major problem that is essentially a big threat by the increasing of Islamic states.

At the end, Obama says that climate changes can change our policies about environment and terrorism. We should changes polices for the threats of terrorism.

He says we are started air attacks in Iraq, Syria and Jordan, to take direct step against them. He says Islamite group has done more chase towards U.S. Now with the climate it is also a big problem for us that is terrorism. U.s is very closest with these countries. Obama says in his address we are needed to build up and make our army best. Only in this way we can overcome with this problem of terrorism. It is really necessary for the strategic power.

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