Is it time to upgrade your ranch gate to a bump and open gate?

No one feels like stepping out of the toasty truck to open and close the gates. The bump and drive automatic gates are the ranch owner’s best friends in any weather. Be it sleet or snow, you can open these gates with a slight touch of the car bumper, and once the vehicle is inside, it will close on its own.

Ranch gate

Whether you are manning the vehicle or riding shotgun, these drive-through gates are “god sent” for everyone.

Why are traditional cattle guards not enough for your ranch?

The most traditional ranch gates are the cattle guards. They do as they say. They not only allow you to step in the ranch in utmost comfort, but they also keep the cattle inside the premises securely. These are useful if you have a large ranch and significantly large livestock. However, the traditional cattle guards that we see around lower themselves to the ground until flat and then they spring back up in position.

There have been instances where cattle, horses, and sheep have found ways to maneuver these guards and escape from the farmland. Therefore, these cattle guards might be budget-friendly and easy-to-use, but they are not fully secure when it comes to containing cattle.

What kind of modern ranch gate designs should you try for your ranch?

When you are looking for both safety and convenience, bump gates are the best options. These yield readily to a slight bump of a car and closes smoothly behind the vehicle. However, several tests show that bump and open gates do not yield under bump from cattle. In other words, after the installation of a bump gate, you can enjoy the toasty comfort inside your vehicle while entering or leaving your ranch. And you can sleep peacefully knowing that your cattle are safe within the perimeters of your land.

Bump and open ranch entrance kits are an inexpensive way to upgrade your ranch. Whether you have any visitors, or field trips from nearby schools, your farm will cater convenience and accessibility to one and all. Over the years, several specially-abled farmers have upgraded to bump gates. It has saved them a significant amount of time and a lot of hassle, irrespective of weather conditions. 

How secure are the bump and drive gates for the ranch?

If it is security that concerns you, know that you can lock the gate remotely or manually, depending upon your convenience during the odd hours. These are large metal gates with wheels on the side of the latch that are not easy to budge. Moreover, they do not use electricity, but they work on the momentum they receive when a vehicle slow-rolls into them. Therefore, they are safer and surer than automatic ranch gates that use electricity to open, close, and lock.

Studies show that unlike the cattle guards, sheep, horses or cattle cannot maneuver these bump and open gates to escape the property. These gates keep the intruders outside and your livestock inside!

How does one use the bump gates with the utmost ease?

These bump gates come with a protruding steel arm on both sides that bear PVC covers. The smoothness of these covers ensures that your car does not incur scratches on its bumper while opening or closing the gate. In fact, you don’t even need to have a larger vehicle to operate these gates anymore. You can install an automatic gate today if you have a semi, pickup truck, 4×4 drive or a small car. You can use them when you have a trailer attached to your pickup as well.

However, most manufacturers will warn you that newer car models have small ground clearance. Moreover, they have delicate, mostly plastic, skirting around the front that might not be steady enough to bump the gate without incurring some damage. So, if your car is lower than the average sedan or SUV, ask the manufacturer if the “off the shelf” model is ideal for your use. Many designers craft customized bump and drive gates for smaller vehicle owners upon request or make adjustments before delivery and installation.

Is it true that anyone can install bump and open gates on their ranch?

You can find the list of parts and their descriptions online to avoid all confusion. The website of the manufacturer can tell you where each piece goes and how the fit of each should be. These parts are clearly numbered for the ease of installation for all kinds of users and installers.

The best of the best manufacturing companies come with detailed installation manuals complete with the kit. They are so helpful that one without any experience in fixing or installing cattle guards or gates can set more than one bump and open gate in a single day on any ranch. Most importantly, these come with online guides and telephone support systems where one can check for more instructions just in case they need some.

Why should you check out the bump and drive ranch gates for your property?

Over the last few years, the rate of installation of the bump and drive gates have risen significantly across the country. More farms and pastures are upgrading to these bump gates by the day. Their budget-friendliness and convenience of use are definitely reasons that motivate the owners to gravitate towards these gates.

While many may not know this, but it is an economical solution to safeguard your property. There is no easier way to get in and out of the ranch without leaving your pre-warmed car seat than installing a bump and drive gate. Since there is no electricity required, you can install it in the pasture area where is no power. Most importantly, it does not need a professional to install this gate. You can install your own bump and open gate in less than half-a-day. It is a small investment in terms of money and time, to save tons of inconveniences in the future. 

If you want a blend of accessibility and better security for your ranch, you need to check out this bump and open ranch gates today!

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