ISIS supposedly decapitates Australian teen who attempted to leave

ISIS of Islamic state supposedly decapitates a teenager of Melbourne when he was trying to go back to his home from Syria. Two friends of Lyndale Secondary College named Irfaan Hussein age 19 and Numan Haider age 18 in 2013 completely turned their lives into Islam after visited the Al- Furqan Islamic centre.

ISIS supposedly decapitates Australian teen who attempted to leave

After embracing Islam Numan was killed and shot after impaling two officers of police in Endeavor hills. And Irfaan who was also known as Abu Sufyan Al Australi was missing. His family gives his details to get the information about him and according to the authorities his international number was found in the room of the teens charged over the so called Anzac Day plot. What happened to him? Where he is? Is he alive or not? No one knows the exact answer of these questions.

Almost 70 Australians are in Iraq or Syria just to fight with ISIS according to the Australian government. In order to check the entry of a large number of people the government banned all the Australians from travelling to Syria’s Raqqa province just to check the arrival of the large number of people.

Instead of feeling ashamed terrorist feel proud and give teachings of doing the same to their children what they are doing. Whenever their siblings did something which has the element of terrorism they feel proud. On the Facebook of Australian Khaled he posted a picture of his son who holds a severed head.

On the other side doctor Tareq Kamleh said that he really enjoyed living with the terrorist group. Another example is Sharky Jama age 25 that left his successful life of modeling to join ISIS.

There are many more examples of Australians teen to change their life and then give their lives to death. Abdullah Elmir age 17 who is also an Australian teenage who terrorize P.M Tony Abbott. It feels very bad or sad to tell about the 18 years old teenager of Australia who blew himself up in the mosque of Baghdad in July 2014 and to be known as a suicide bomber after his death.

Same as they are another person named Abu Ibrahim who also was an Australian national become the part of ISIS but soon realized the game of blood and escaped him from them and ran away after six months. A witnessed of execution of westerners Syria.

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