Flee of Iraqi forces as ISIS gains control of Ramadi

The ISIS spread over and put Iraqi army in difficult situation to take control of the city killing an almost 500 soldiers and civilians. Iraqi security forces give the Ramadi totally in ISIS control. This is true that Iraqi security forces itself is very strong force and taken ISIS as a small force but ISIS start doing their work without any U.S aid.

Flee of Iraqi forces as ISIS gains control of Ramadi

This withdraws by forces of Iraq recalls the memories of earliest battles of nations against the ISIS. On Sunday in Ramadi the bodies of the Iraqi security forces and civilians were scattered on the streets. Ramadi is taken and completely under controlled. The U.S military want from the Iraqis to take or to show much involvement in the campaign to defeat ISIS if they want help from U.S military.

From one of our reliable source we come to know that many fighters, police and other government supporters died along with their family and their bodies were thrown in the river and some of them thrown on the roads if they try to defend the city. Everyone knows that the fight will go long in the Anbar province. Many deaths happen in this fight as according to Haimour that approximately 500 soldiers and civilians killed and 8000 had left the city.

Ramadi become the battlefield and as just like the U.S militants many others like spokesman of pentagon said that they are also supporting the Iraqis.

Now by looking on the situation Iraqi P.M Haider al-Abadi decided not to leave their posts over the Anbar province because if they did this so the extremist will capture that province.

U.S militants from the Obama’s side ready to help the Ramadi for expelled the extremist. 5 soldiers died and 12 wounded by the suicide bombers who come with explosive laden cars into the gate of the Anbar Operations command. According to the police officer who was there at the headquarters claimed that two dozen police officers are disappeared during the fighting. Shiite militants were prepared to go and help the Sunni- dominated province by forgetting that what did the U.S do. Al-Gauoud, the Sunni tribal leader welcomed Shiite and any other group who will come to help Ramadi in liberating the city from the militants.

Al Kilabi gives the comment by saying that we will fight and achieve the success and definitely we will not accept anything instead of our triumph.

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