Jessica White Talks About Her Hot Workout Regime

During the interview, the 31-year-old model also discussed her past life, addiction and illness.

Jessica White Talks About Her Hot Workout Regime

It is a widely held belief that working out is something tires people down.

This belief is being challenged by famous actress and model Jessica White who has adorned covers of several issue of Sports Illustrated magazine. She revealed during a recent interview that the workout regimes prescribed by her trainer are so good that not only allow her to sweat a lot, they also get her all worked up and hot too.

Jessica White Talks About Her Hot Workout Regime

She further said that she was doing these exercises and suddenly she felt they were orgasmic. This was perhaps because she was squeezing some sensitive parts. In fact, she has no idea exactly how it happened but she had to rush to the bathroom where she had an orgasm.

Jessica White had joined a personal modeling school when she was sixteen. Her first assignment was with Vogue magazine. Later, she signed a contract with the IMG agency in Paris.

White has frequently modeled for Sports Illustrated magazine. She has also done assignments with Joanne Gair for body painting work.

She has appeared in several music videos John Legend, Big & Rich, Jay-Z, Robin Thicke and Trey Songz. In 2006, she had a role in the movie ‘Big Momma’s House 2.’ She has also appeared in an episode of ‘The Young and the Restless,’ and America’s Next Top Model.’

During a recent interview with a widely circulated magazine, White commented on her sexy style and why she is not very worried about it. She described her looks at an amalgam of Pocahontas and Apollonia. She further said that she is a very free-spirited woman who simply needs to be herself. Rather than taking everything so seriously, she prefers to have a lot of fun.

She has also modeled for Jy-Z’s Rocawear and wife Beyonce’s Deréon. Jessica White says that working with husband and wife was a great experience since they were both amazing.

In 2010, Jessica White was arrested for conducting assault on a woman. She has also openly talked about her addiction with cocaine as well her mental illness.

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