Just Like Heaven: Best Gifts for the First Anniversary

Anniversaries are the most magical things because they celebrate each year that you and your loved one have spent together. However, they can often get a bit stressful since you always want to get your partner the best gift possible. To make things even a bit more stressful is searching for the most perfect gifts for your first anniversary.

Best Gifts for the First Anniversary

Luckily, there are a lot of options and here is a simple and fun list to give you some ideas. 

Gifts for Her

A Pretty Planner

It is well-known that girls like writing things down and keeping track of their plans, and if your girl is like that then she deserves a nice planner. There are dozens of different formats and sizes of planners and they are all pretty and useful. So, do your research, analyze how much your girl loves to plan things and get her a sparkly and just beautiful planner that she will carry with her all the time. You will surprise her nicely and she will be thankful that you helped her stay organized. 

Fancy Jewelry

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give her a diamond necklace or ring on your first anniversary; but if you can afford it, why not? This simply means that your girl is probably going to be astonished to get any piece of jewelry, especially if she loves accessories. If she wears jewelry every day, you probably already have an idea of what kind she loves, so it’s going to be easier for you to buy a perfect gift. Look for some stainless steel bracelets, fancy earrings or a silver necklace with a small pendant. What is more, if you pick a dupe love bracelet, you won’t make a mistake because those are gorgeous and she and her skin is going to love wearing one!

A Luxurious Dinner Date

Nothing is more romantic than a nice dinner date at a fancy restaurant you’ve talked about for months. Make some reservations, dress nicely, let her know that she should dress nicely as well, and head to your romantic dinner date. You can even bring her a nice bouquet of her favourite flowers and really make her feel special. This way you are showing her how much you love her and you can make some great memories sharing fondues and chocolate-coated strawberries while sipping some great wine and champagne for your first anniversary. 

Gifts for Him

A Wrist Watch

Even though boys rarely wear jewelry, they have to put all their strength and fashion knowledge towards wristwatches. Those can be great accessories if they are paired with the right colours and clothing, so make sure to get him one that he can combine with almost everything. So, a stainless steel watch could do the trick. On the other hand, if he has several different colour combinations of clothes, make sure to get him one that he doesn’t have or that can go with at least two combinations. Look for leather bracelets on the watch that will also have several other functions than just telling time and you won’t be wrong. 

Tech Gadgets

Men just love their gadgets, and if your man is like that, don’t be afraid to surprise him with one. There are dozens of options here, you just have to pair the gift with his interests. Maybe he lacks storage on his computer so an external HDD could be a nice gift. Also, a smartwatch is a great option as well and can allow him to operate his smartphone with ease. On the other hand, if he loves listening to music, there are numbers of great Bluetooth speakers that he can pair with any device in the house and you two can spend time watching movies and TV shows with great audio support. 

A Quality Wallet

Besides watches, men love having great wallets. If you’ve noticed that your man’s wallet is getting worn out and shabby, it’s time for a new one. When looking for wallets, consider its size – make sure it can fit in the back pocket if he likes carrying it like that. Also, make sure it’s made of quality materials. So, when searching for the right wallet make sure it’s made of quality leather or from a good eco-friendly version and your troubles are over. What is more, you can even pair the color and material of the wallet with his favorite watch and he will be thrilled!

The first anniversary of any kind is a great and beautiful day. You both deserve marvelous gifts and you should put in some extra time and effort into finding one for each other. The simplest advice is to be creative and get your partner something that will blow their mind and make them happy. So, do some research, take your pick, wrap it nicely and enjoy your romantic day together.

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