Top 5 WhatsApp Marketing Trends that You Simply Can’t Ignore

Introduction of top 5 WhatsApp marketing trends – WhatsApp is a messaging application owned by Facebook. It lets the user share files in multiple formats such as audio, video, pdf and the like. It is a free messaging application which is available on both platforms i.e. iOS and android. User can also download it to a laptop or PC and get connected to his or her contacts.

Top 5 WhatsApp Marketing Trends

It works with an active internet connection and, unlike the normal text service (sms), it does not impose any charge for sending and receiving files or texts. There are more than 1.5 billion active users of WhatsApp all over the world, spread over 180 countries. Such a wide user base makes WhatsApp a perfect platform for marketing products and services. According to a survey, an average user checks WhatsApp for more than 23 times a day.

Due to its large usage, businessmen are using WhatsApp for marketing purpose. Around 3 million businesses are using WhatsApp for business purposes. It is the third most downloaded application on android and makes it an excellent marketing tool for professionals.

Because WhatsApp is available in 53 different languages, the user can easily utilize this application. Such multi language feature plays a vital role in its utility as a marketing tool as not everyone is familiar with English. Nowadays, Whatsapp marketing is in the trend. Due to its friendly user interface, Whatsapp becomes a perfect platform for marketing of products without spending any money for marketing purposes.

Why to Use WhatsApp for Marketing?

Following are the reasons why WhatsApp makes a great marketing instrument:

  • Whatsapp is a free application, which is available on android and iOS platform. Neither you nor your company will need to pay a dime for downloading WhatsApp.
  • You can send texts, files, audios and videos through WhatsApp messenger.
  • You can use Whatsapp messenger as a survey tool for taking feedbacks directly from the customers.
  • In this application, the messages and files do not get lost as an offline message notification ensures that you know when a message is received.
  • By creating groups and adding contacts in it, WhatsApp messenger can be used as an avenue for group meetings.
  • With WhatsApp messenger, you can send alerts, offers and packages to the customer.
  • You can employ WhatsApp to communicate with the customer directly and in real time.

Top 5 Whatsapp Marketing Trends

Many people choose WhatsApp over emails, Facebook and other such options to connect and communicate with people. Following are top 5 marketing trends on WhatsApp:

1) Customer Chat

Customer always prefers a real time conversation to resolve their issues, demands or any other query related to the product or service. WhatsApp plays an important role in fulfilling this demand. Plus, it is free of cost and user friendly. Therefore, it serves as a great channel for notifications such as delivery alerts, purchase confirmation and online customer support.

With WhatsApp, you can directly engage with the customer. Earlier, it was possible only through phone or face to face meetings. Such real chats with the customers via WhatsApp for solving their issues and queries help their confidence. It has features such as sharing of files, pictures, audios and videos which provides a more convenient way to resolve customer concerns.

2) Sending Bulk Messages

If you want to share a new product with your customers, then you can send bulk messages to widen the reach of your product or service as far as possible. Sending bulk messages manually can be a hectic task but is necessary. This is where WhatsApp marketing software can play an important role by enabling the sending of bulk messages with just a single click.

WhatsApp marketing software guarantees zero security breaches and avoids illegal sharing of data. It does not sell or purchase any database and, hence, is safe to use.Sending bulk messages can draw the attention of multiple customers towards your new service or product. Customers can also share the offer by forwarding the message to their other contacts.

3) Attractive Messages

Plain and simple message can be boring for the customers. In order to attract and tempt them to try the product, you can choose from the numerous fonts and styles available in the WhatsApp messenger. To make it easier, WhatsApp marketing software can be used to create message and design product in different styles. This software will not only make the job easier for the user but also it will offer you a wide range options for creating the design.

Until or unless the message draws the attention of the customer, he or she is not going to purchase the product. Majority of the people ignore such offers and packages if they are not attractively presented. If the offer does not catch the eye of the customer, the product will not capture the heart of the customer.

4) Broadcasting

Broadcasting is a great feature which can be use to spread your offer or message to a wide range of audience. Whosoever is saved in the broadcast list of your company’s WhatsApp account, will be able to view the broadcasted message. All you have to do is simply write a message or an offer and broadcast it from the options.

With this feature, you do not need to send individual messages one by one when advertizing the product.

5) Automated Replies

You use the automated reply option, which is pre-programmed in the WhatsApp marketing software, to solve the basic customer queries. This feature is only available for business accounts and not for private users. Through this, you can provide 24×7 customer service for basic queries.

Automated replies quicken the business processes and customers don’t need to wait to get their queries solved. Also, it will save a lot of time and efforts for your customer support guys, who can focus on more important queries that require a customized, personal touch. Automated replies are important when customer care executives are unavailable.

Finally Free, effective and customizable with a wide reach. What else do you want in a marketing tool?

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